5 Ways To Give Broccoli To Kids

5 Ways To Give Broccoli To Kids

Hello Moms,

It is a universal truth that kids are fussy eaters in their growing years and I can vouch for that as I have myself experienced dumping some really healthy food recipes which I am madly in love with now after all these years. kids generally make a fuss to eat those food items which don’t look attractive and yummy to them (in their little mind) and won’t try it making it almost impossible for mothers to at least get to know that they liked the taste or are just refusing the food over the pre-assumption, that it doesn’t look appealing.

So today we are going to know some of the ways in which mothers can give the healthy vegetable Broccoli to kids. Well, Broccoli as we all know is one of the good sources of vitamin C, calcium and fiber which is really essential for the human body, especially kids in their development years. The rich fibrous vegetable gives a bulk to the food and helps in proper bowel movement in kids which is certainly one of the most common problem with kids these days.

Some kids may develop acidity when given to small babies so make sure that you don’t give the broccoli recipe to your kids unless they are used to digesting such food recipes easily.

So, lets share some easy ways in which mothers can pair Broccoli in several food items so that their kids can’t resist them or be able to resist the food.

Broccoli In Soup-

Soup is a really healthy way to give many vegetables which your kids don’t have when they see them in their feeding plate, however you can play the Hide & Seek game and include it in the soup with their favorite soup ingredients. The goodness of broccoli is finally going to be in your kids body and I am sure you will feel like you just won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Broccoli With Rice-

Kids love to have eye- catching food items which appear really colorful. Imagine what they see in the Pizza from Dominos! Use very small florets of Broccoli which are properly suateed with butter, salt & pepper so that they can’t separate it from the mix vegetable rice and have no other option but to eat them away anyway!

Broccoli Toppings on Homemade Pizza-

I am sure every kid demands of the Pizza at home and mothers could really use the chance to include the healthy broccoli florets on the toppings and make another yummy and interesting way to put the vegetable in their kid’s system, after all that is what the prime motive was behind offering Piza to the kids!

Roasted Broccoli-

Broccoli florets when roasted tend to give a different taste and are an ideal finger food for the kids. Make sure to sprinkle some pepper and salt to make the taste interesting. Add a sauce or dip of their choice to make the taste a little more tempting.

Broccoli Potato Mash-

Kids simply can’t resist a potato mash inside a sandwich and what is better way to include broccoli in a sandwich. Cook broccoli properly and mash it with potato with some cheese to make an ideal filling for the sandwich. Kids won’t be able to resist the sandwich on the grounds of any ingredient and you will surely be more than happy to see them eating healthy without much fuss!

I hope you liked these easy ways to give Broccoli to your kids and make them eat healthy food since the initial growing years itself so as to get proper nourishment and stay in good health.

Have you tried these ways to give Broccoli to kids?-

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