5 Ways To Give Chick Pea Salad To Toddlers And Kids

5 Ways To Give Chick Pea Salad To Toddlers And Kids


When it comes to eating food, toddlers give a hard time to their mummies in eating and finishing food. It happens with almost all kids only the intensity differs. Some are a real pain to agree to finish their meal and generally create a fuss when they have to feed while some throw tantrums for a while and slowly agree to finish off what has been offered though they take a long time in doing so that sometimes parents get irritated to a certain level.

Well, It is a distant dream for every mother to see their child eating the food interestingly, unless it is some kind of junk food. Mothers spend their entire time in thinking about how to give a certain healthy eatable to their child so that they eat it without making faces or run away from food.

Well, I won’t give you a secret recipe to make your toddler jump on the food but can share few ideas to make food interesting for the kids so that they eat the healthy food in the same way they like noodles & burgers from Mac’Ds!!

Chick Pea Salad with Pesto & Parmesan-

This is probably a yummy very version of having chickpeas. Roasted chickpeas are really a great and tasty option to let your kids have some more protein in their diet. You can combine chickpeas with pesto and toss it gently. After wards just add some Parmesan or regular cheese , whatever is available and serve hot/ cold as per liking. Kids will surely love the unique taste.

Sauteed Chick Pea Salad with Veggies-

This one is extremely simple as you have to saute a sliced onion over medium flame in a pan and add chick peas  and other green vegetables of your choice and cook it until everything is warmed enough. This is a quick & easy way to make simple boiled chickpeas taste very unique.

Quick Green Chick Pea Salad-

This one is another quick recipe for your little fussy eater. Just add some chopped tomatoes, onions, cucumber of drained chick peas and drizzle a small quantity of olive oil along with a little squeeze of lemon. Add some pepper & salt to taste as per your kid’s preference and this salad is ready!

Healthy Chick Pea Frittata or Lazy Lady’s omelet-

For this you need to saute chopped onions with some bell pepper. After that add the chick peas and green vegetables as per your choice. Pour a whisked egg along with some milk and cheese , if your kid loves cheese. Serve this and your kid is sure to love it to the core.

Green Chick Pea Salad Wrap-

this recipe is quite simple as you have to just quickly prepare any of the above chick pea recipes and wrap it in a tortilla and it is good to be eaten. It can be served with some fruits or vegetables along. You kid would surely love this.

I hope you like these and try making them adding your own personal cooking skills in preparing these!

Do you know any other ways to give chick peas to your toddlers?

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