5 Ways To Give Curd To Your Toddlers

5 Ways To Give Curd To Your Toddlers


Among items that are popular in the kitchen of a family curd or yogurt is a top priority in terms of food value and thus should be given to kids in sufficient quantities. With the latest packaging system curd is now a favourite item for snacking as it is available in flavours that are kid-friendly, making it an effective dairy inclusion in your toddler’s diet.

Powerhouse of Nutrition:

Curd or yogurt is way beyond simply convenient dairy product. It is considered to be a powerhouse of nutrition which offers phosphorus and calcium in plenty, both of which are vital for the strength and growth of bones. Curd is also functional in improving the digestion of food. There are several types which contain ‘live active cultures’- bacteria responsible for improving the absorption of nutrients, enhancing digestion and increasing the efficiency of immune systems. This bacterial type also prevents the ‘harmful’ bacterial growth which adversely affects your child’s health and proper development.



Associated Benefits:

Beside the health benefits that curd offers, this diary product also functions to provide other types of benefits. If you can use fat-free or low-fat curd instead of the high-calorie items like mayonnaise or cream, you will get the same (or better) taste in the delicacy without having to give up on the texture or flavour. When you start giving your child curd, offer him whole-milk based plain yogurt. Several companies manufacturing curd offer a specific variety exclusively for babies which does not contain any ‘potentially harmful’ or artificial additives. Nevertheless, natural and whole-milk curd-be it homemade or bought from the store- is ideal for your baby’s first trial of this amazing and nutritious dairy product. What you need to keep in mind is that your child requires the ‘whole-milk’ curd so that he gets the ‘extra’ calories and fat that will develop his brain and play a key role in his growth during this stage of his life.

The following lines enlist some of the innovative ways of including curd (yogurt) in your daily food to provide a healthy and sumptuous treat to your family. Your toddler will not only benefit physically but his palate will also be satiated by your yummy curd treats.

The Puree Delicacy:

Try adding curd to the ‘Curry Pea Baby Food’, a puree preparation for your toddler, to enhance its nutritive value and richness. If you can introduce fresh, new flavours to your child’s diet early in his life, his eating habits will develop to be good and enriched. As your paediatrician points out, if your child is allergic to curd, it should not be a problem after he reaches 6 months of age as he can digest this dairy product by this time.

Chili or Soup Topping:

Chilis and soups are another great item for curd addition. Consider topping the ‘Easy Black Bean Soup’ with curd rather than sour cream for improved taste and health benefits.

Healthy Frozen Dessert:                                                                               

The nutritional value of curd does not drop with fall in temperature. Frozen curd is definitely a nutritional alternative to offering ice-creams and popsicles available in the market. And your child will prefer anything cold on a hot, sunny day which will make this healthy dairy alternative a better option for his physical and mental growth.

Nutritious Smoothie:

Smoothies are always favorite among kids. Try adding curd to fresh fruits and blending them together to make a smoothie that will make the drink naturally sweet without having to add extra sugar for flavour.



Creamy Jell-O:

Your toddler’s jell-o dessert turns into a healthy food item with the addition of yogurt. The gelatine’s fruitiness is punched with the curd’s creaminess.

Now that you have ideas for adding curd to your toddler’s diet, start experimenting right away.

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