5 Ways To Give Spinach To Baby


Spinach is a wonder product which is always suggested by the doctor to be included in diet.Be it prior conceiving, during pregnancy, post delivery, during breast feeding, after breast feeding, every phase gives importance to spinach/ palak. Likewise, it is best to introduce spinach in your baby’s diet chart too.

It is a very good natural nutrients supplement for babies (above 6 months). Spinach is very rich in calcium. Spinach suffices the need of fiber for the baby’s body. Spinach also helps in easy bowel movements. Spinach helps solve the problem of constipation.Just 1 cup of spinach contains 42 mg of calcium.Although my doctor advised me to introduce spinach to my baby at six month but I waited till 10  month.




Here are easy spinach recipes for your baby. These recipes are actually a way of introducing spinach  in baby’s diet chart.

Spinach Recipe 1:-


First and foremost, introduce your baby with a mild spinach drink. Blanch spinach leaves in a cup of drinking water. Once the water cools down, separate the leaves.Add pinch of salt in the water and give it warm to your baby.

Spinach Recipe 2:-


If you have already introduced porridge to your baby, then boil the porridge in the same water used to blanch the spinach leaves.

Spinach Recipe 3:-


If your baby is used to the instant mix foods, then add the instant baby food powder to the warm water in which the spinach leaves have been blanched. This way spinach is easily introduced to your baby.


Spinach Recipe 4:-


Blanch the spinach leaves in some water. Add the water and the blanched leaves to the blender and make spinach puree. Add your baby’s favorite fruit or vegetable flavors to the spinach puree and serve when its still warm.



Spinach Recipe 5:-


Spinach puree and curds make a wonderful combination. If your baby is already introduced to curds, then this is one recipe you should really experiment for a new taste. For about half cup of luke warm spinach puree add half cup curds and little salt for taste. Mix well and serve.

I hope this was helpful. Do give all of these recipes a try. Always watch for any allergic reaction in your baby whenever you introduce new food to him/her.

Have you tried any more spinach recipes for your baby?


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