5 Ways To Keep Baby Awake During The Day

5 Ways To Keep Baby Awake During The Day

Most babies sleep through the day and stay awake during the night. It is tiresome for parents. You can do some simple things to keep your newborn awake during the day. The point is to keep them awake for an optimum period and never to keep them awake forcefully. Staying awake whole day or for long duration is not good for baby’s health. First of all limit your caffeine intake as it passes through breast milk to your baby and prevents them from sleeping.

Here are some more Ways To Keep Baby Awake During The Day;

Feed In The Day

Keep waking up your infant every 2-3 hours for feeding during the day. It will make them sleep less in day and will also keep them full. This way they will need less feedings during night and will sleep longer.

Set Timings

It is not easy but make sure that you and your baby have a set time to wake up in the morning. This will bring your babies in a schedule slowly. Also make sure that feeding times for day are same everyday. When your baby falls into a pattern, it is easier to keep them awake in the day.


Sleep close to your baby during the night. This way, as soon as they feel hungry, you will be able to feed them. Quick feeding will not make them wake up completely in the night and they will fall asleep quickly once their stomach is full.

Lighten Up

Whether your newborn is asleep or awake during the day, make sure that your house is all bright and lit. Do your daily chores normally and do not try to be less noisy. It keeps babies aware of their surroundings and they sleep less. When your baby is awake during the day, play with them to keep them interested and try to keep them awake for 1.5-2 hours in a stretch but never more than that.

Good Sleep

Staying awake during the day depends a lot on a good night’s sleep. Make sure that your baby’s room is dark during night. There shouldn’t be any noise. If you need light for feeding or changing diapers, use dim night lamps.

You can also use white-noise machines to make your infant sleep soundly in night.

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