5 Ways To Make Your Toddler’s Day

5 Ways to Make Your Toddler’s Day

A toddler to every mother is more than her life. She pampers her child, she loves her child; The child to a mom is her world and nothing can come over it.

But the busy life schedules and daily chores do not let us have a full time fun with the baby. You cannot deny on moments when your child is awake and you just want the child to sleep so that you can finish of your chores. When you see somebody around and you feel happy, that the person can take care of the baby for a while till the time you can finish off some of your work.

Working moms even take help of crèches and baby sitters to look after the baby and play with him/her.

Well this not bad in any way, infact this is the demand of your lifestyles. These things do not in way say that your love for child is lacking somewhere. You remember how your baby gets a sigh of relief when you come home after work, that joyous smile gets the whole day’s tiredness away from you.

How about a full day of bonding with your baby? Why wait for your baby’s birthday to make it his/her day, just take a leave for a day, say no to your daily bust schedules and plan a baby’s day. Only a mommy – baby time, this will not only make your bond stronger but will also make your baby’s day and compensate for all the busy days.

Check out these 5 ways to make your toddler’s day:

Amusement Park:

Now that you have a full day for your baby, take your baby to an amusement park. There is not just swings that your toddler will enjoy, your toddler might just find some other toddlers there and make friends with them.

Zoo Visit:


Children are very often seen amused with animals. If you have ever sensed such attraction towards animals in your kid, then visiting a Zoo will be a great idea. What else can make a toddler happy, so many animals around and a mommy to take care.

Favorite Activities:

If you are not planning to go out and what to have a Mommy – baby day at home itself. Make it a Toddler’s choice day the. Serve his/her favorite food, play with your kid, paint with your kid, do everything that your kid loves throughout the day. These moments will be priceless.

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The times are gone when only a big child can learn swimming; even small babies too are made to learn swimming these days.  If you too are among those mummies who is keen in making your child learn swimming or any other extra curriculum activities. Take him/her to a club. Introduce your toddler to all the activities, this will not only introduce new things to your toddler, make it a fun day and moreover this way you too might get an idea about your child’s interest.

Camp In:


Go camping with your toddler. No I am not telling you to all the way into thick forests or high mountains, just organize a camp like feel in your compound or if that’s not possible do it in your living room. This will be kiddish for you but something adventurous for your kid. Sleeping and eating with his/her mommy in a tent will so much fun for your toddler.

So these were easy ways to make your toddler’s day and have fun filled day together. Are you anytime soon going to make your toddler’s day.

How do you plan your toddler’s day ?

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