6 Amazing Android Apps For Pregnant Moms

6 Amazing Android Apps for Pregnant Moms


When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, her mind is full of questions like what happens next, what’s safe for me, should I exercise, what does my baby look like or how would I know when the baby kicks me. Answers to all these questions lie in your smartphone, just go to the store, download these apps and you have the storehouse of information right on your fingertips. Here, we have compiled a list of some of the best pregnancy apps that would help you sail through your pregnancy without any hiccups.

My Pregnancy Today

It’s a complete pregnancy app with tons of information for an expectant mother. Calculate your due date, add pictures of your growing bump, find information on what happens to your body each day, get advice on nutrition and relaxation, browse through number of useful articles, watch videos related to pregnancy, keep track of your baby’s movements, receive no join the Birth Club to find other moms in the same stage of pregnancy or ask questions if you have any doubts. The best part about using this app is that you can be sure of the authenticity of the information provided here since, its reviewed by the Medical Advisory Board of the BabyCenter website. Another plus point of the app – it’s free, so if you don’t like it you can always make space for another app.



BabyBump Pregnancy

This is another great app that helps a would-be-mom to keep track of everything about her pregnancy. It gives you both daily and weekly information about the changes that are occurring in your body along with some handy tips on pregnancy health and nutrition. It’s great to know what your baby might look like or how big it is at different stages of pregnancy. In addition to a variety of information provided in the app, it also helps you keep track of your daily weight gain, symptoms, cravings and set reminders for doctor’s appointments. At a later stage of pregnancy you can also use the kick counter, contraction timer and even the baby name suggestion feature. This great app for expectant moms comes for free.



Happy Pregnancy Ticker

A great companion during your pregnancy, Happy Pregnancy Ticker comes with number of useful information and features for any expectant mom. Some of the features of the app include due date calculator, pregnancy weight gain estimator, reminder for pills, scans, tests, appointments with your doctor and much more. Apart from that you can also time the kicks of your baby or the contractions with built in contraction timer and baby kick monitor. If you want to meet other pregnant women and share your experiences, learn or just help each other out you can join the forum. It also allows journal entry, which can be of great use during doctor appointments or even serve as a pregnancy journal to pen down your thoughts.



The Complete Pregnancy Guide

It has been said that music has therapeutic effects on the mind and body of a pregnant woman. It not only reduces their stress, anxiety and depression but also lifts up their mood and helps connect better with their unborn baby. But, not any music can have a calming effect, which is why you can try out this app that has been formulated specially for this purpose. The app has some beautiful music for specific months of your pregnancy. The music for this app has been composed by Pt. Shashank Katti and has certain instructions that you must follow for it to work effectively.



Pregnancy Workout Advisor

Being pregnant means no body is going to stop you from having that extra bowl of your favourite ice cream. And all the extra love adds some extra kilos to your pregnancy, which may even pose to be dangerous for your own health or even your baby’s. This is where Pregnancy Workout Advisor comes into play. It helps you find out the food that must be avoided, recommend food that would be beneficial for you and your baby. The most important feature of this app is the information on the types of workouts that you can perform during each of your trimester. It’s easy to follow the workout instructions as the app contains visual representations of each of the steps with clearly written instructions.



100000+ Indian Baby Names

Choosing a good name for her bundle of joy is one of the most exciting things for a mother-to-be. Most of the apps would suggest you names that are of English origin, which is not what you have been looking for. 100000+ Indian Baby Names is an app that makes it easier for you to choose a name for your baby that are of Indian origin. The app even helps you seek advice on baby names from your friends and family through Facebook Polls. You can also know the numerological facts behind your selected names. All in all, a very interesting free baby-naming app for Indian mothers.


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