6 Baby Products A New Mom Can Do Without

6 Baby Products A New Mom Can Do Without

A baby store is overcrowded with impossibly cute baby stuffs. The incredibly cute blankets, pretty clothes, colourful baby shoes, lovely baby bassinets, oh-so-cute hooded towels, diaper pails, toys, sweet stuffed animals, chick baby carrier, cutesy diaper bags plus a lot many things all vying for an all too excited new mom’s attention. But, do you really need to buy all the baby stuff that is present in the market?

There are so many baby items in the market that if you happen to dig your hands into all of them you would be left with very little money for your other expenses. Instead of spending on some really unnecessary items you could save the cash for your baby’s education or spend it on some other necessary items. While some of the baby stuffs are really important some are such that you can definitely live without. Here we have listed out six baby products that sound very useful but are not at all must-haves for a new mum.

Changing Mat/Table

You don’t actually need to buy a fancy looking table for changing your baby’s nappy. Any flat surface on your home can do the job. The best place to change your baby’s nappy is on your floor. Just spread a clean old thick towel, a mat or carpet or use your bed for diaper change. Even if you buy a changing mat/table you are not going to use it for more than 4-5 months because after that your baby would become mobile and the small limited space would make it very difficult for you to keep your baby still and free from fall or injuries.

Baby Food Maker

Most of us have a blender or food processor at home that can easily get the job done. So unless you have a king size kitchen or a wallet you don’t really need a baby food maker. If you are using your old food processor for making baby food just get a spare jar exclusively for that.

Baby Diaper Bag

The sole purpose of a bag is to carry the things that you dump into it. If you are not someone who has separate bags for your dresses, jeans, tops and scarves then why would you want an extra diaper bag for your baby. You can use your regular handbag or any other ordinary tote for carrying them around.

Diaper Stacker

Now this is another superfluous baby item that I am not at all a fan of. They look cute only in the pictures and in baby rooms of Shilpa Shetty and the likes. They add to the cute aesthetics of a baby nursery for sure but something most of us can do without. Just use the old cartons, stick on some coloured papers and your diaper stacker is ready in less than 100 bucks!

Diaper Pails

Unless you are a really busy mom and do your laundry once in a week, you don’t need this so called miracle product to keep away the odour. And even if you are busy just wash the cloth diaper or dump the disposable diaper in your kitchen garbage bag. Storing the used cloth diapers or disposable diapers for too long in your house is not a great idea because no matter what you do or how much you avoid you have to take in the stink at least every time you open the lid. Plus, once your baby gets mobile it’s going to be one of his favourite “knock out and explore toy”!

Bottle steriliser

The name sounds really cool but when your regular pateela (cooking pot) can do the same sterilising, why invest thousands in fancy sounding equipment. Just set aside a pan or a pateela exclusively for sterilising your baby’s feeding items. You would be much more happier without the additional electricity bill and a cluttered kitchen counter. And it’s absolutely easy too.

Are these must haves for you or can you manage without these products?

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