6 Calcium Rich Foods For Babies

Ensuring healthy food for our little ones is our job. In our constant effort of giving the best to our children, we keep searching for more and more better things around us.

Today I have a list of plant foods that have been tested and tried on babies by our older generation. It is time we introduce too.


Almonds are high in B vitamins and in minerals. They are essential for growing bones and brain, good for heart, maintenance of hair and skin. Almond drink is the most common drink introduced to babies. Soaked almonds crushed and added to the milk makes a great taste and recipe for babies and children.

Kidney Beans

Kidney Beans is one super food that is loaded with potassium, magnesium, calcium, fibre and loads of other body essentials as well. They are the perfect finger food for babies.

Dried Figs

Numerous health benefits are imparted by figs. They provide vitamins and minerals that aid the baby’s growth. They are high is calcium content and apart from calcium, they are a good source of potassium, manganese and dietary fibre too.

Poppy Seeds For Babies:-

Poppy seeds are a hub of protein, fibre, calcium, fat and minerals. These tiny seeds are very nutritious. They are a good source of dietary fibre. Calcium content is exceptionally high in these seeds which means it is definitely a booster for bone health.You can read carrot and poppy seeds dessert recipe here 

Ragi Food For Babies:-

Ragi is an extremely good source of iron and calcium. This is the best recommended weaning food for babies. It is due to the high calcium content it is recommended for expecting mothers, babies and children of all age. Proteins in Ragi help in muscle growth.

Green gram For Babies

Green gram is the safest alternative as good source of protein. About 23 g of protein is present in 100 g of green gram. The high protein content facilitates the quick organ development in babies. There is very little chance of allergic reaction in babies on consumption of green gram.

Have you introduced these calcium-rich foods to your baby?

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