6 Different Types Of Toys for Your Toddler

 6 Different Types Of Toys for Your Toddler


How, What, When, Where frequent questions bothering new mums when trying to choose the right toys for toddlers. Safety is of prime concern; also the economics and what will keep their interest going on for a little while at least with their attention spans.

The Debate on how many or less is never ending. If there are too many, wouldn’t it spoil them silly? They might not learn to appreciate what they have. We also would have relatives and friends telling us to teach them the values and earn their toys. On the other hand, some experts also say that it is essential to give them loads of learning and educational growth in the initial years. There are some wonderful toys which aide in that.



However, this is one daunting task. With the advent of Exclusive Toy Stores, one tends to get lost amongst the plethora in front of you. Too many options is also not a good thing at times. High Qualtiy, Long lasting, Overall Growth, Specific Area Development etc, and many more factors are involved in choosing the best possible toy for your precious little one. Play enables your child to not just explore and practice but also to develop their skills at their own pace and in a fun way. So it is just important to keep a few pointers in mind while choosing the right toy for your child.



  • Interactive Toys – Choosing these toys ensures that your child’s interest in them remains for longer and they also end up learning without getting disinterested in a shorter span. The more the toy is captivating the more the child will be engrossed and the skills shall be honed. Musical Toys are a great option. Nursery Rhymes, Alphabets, Numbers etc. with appropriate sounds are fun and the child unknowingly starts memorizing these.
  • Long Lasting Toys – These would entail not just superior quality ones, but also toys that would keep the toddler’s interest going. It could be Wooden Blocks, Plastic Animals, etc. that can do more than just the basic reason why they were brought.
  • Problem Solving Puzzle Toys – These can instantly become a big hit with our curious kids. Initially, even if you have to support them to complete it, slowly their own excitement to complete the puzzle builds up and they end up becoming proficient in no time.
  • Play with the Real Stuff – Very important if you want your child to become independent and self- sufficient. It will also boost their instincts and aid them in choosing between right and wrong. It could be anything from a broom to a baking dish a musical instrument etc.
  • Sporty Toys – These kids as active as they are, also need the slight push to have a focussed activity to keep them occupied. Balls of different shapes and sizes as they grow are a great choice, Tricycles, Scooters etc, is excellent to help them spend their energy constructively.
  • Board Games – They also nurture and develop your child very well. They learn counting, matching etc. Memory Skills are also enhanced. Most importantly, your child learns the art of being patient.



Jesse Jackson says “Your Children need your Presence more than your Presents.” It is very important to constantly monitor the benefits or otherwise of these toys so that your child’s overall grooming is not deterred.

Which toys does your child like?

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