6 Fun Activities To Cheer Up Your Pregnancy Memories

Fun Activities to cheer up your pregnancy memories


Are you pregnant and want to boost your pregnancy memories? Pregnancy is considered as the miracle of nature. Most of the expected mothers throughout the world take their pregnancy too seriously and they forget most of the memorable moments. Therefore, today in this article we are discussing on some important fun activities that cheer up your pregnancy memories.

If this is your first pregnancy then you realize the mild fluttering feelings in your tummy which is very exciting. Most of the women think that doing fun is not for a pregnant women but reality is different. While doing fun the endorphin level within your body increases that are responsible to make you happy. Remember one thing that pregnancy is not a disease infect its time to celebrate your life as well as the life of new one that is going to be made when you deliver your baby.

Best Fun Activities during pregnancy:

There are several things you can do to have fun and forget your pain. The top fun activities are as follows;

Start Scrap booking:

Click many pictures and maintain a pregnancy photograph album and show it to your child in future on, it’s a abundant memory. You can choose different stages of pregnancy and also with diverse garments. Record strange and funny incidences that surely make you laugh in the future. You can also share this with your friend and family members.



Idea a picnic or a day trip:

Today, life is very busy and a picnic is very occasional event. There is no need of planning only you have to choose a time and place with your friends or family members. If there is rainy or hot season then plan for indoor visit to an art gallery, museum, and cultural exhibition. And trail this by a lunch at food court, this looks a welcome break.

Go on Shopping:

There are many changes in your body with every passing month during your pregnancy. Therefore there is requirement of comfortable dresses and that time make a list of things you have to buy for yourself such as new sari, footwear, post- delivery cloths, relaxed nightwear etc. buy one or two items every month depend upon your taste and need. Shopping is considered as fun and also you can buy few belongings for your baby that you need from day one.





Make New Friends:

It is very common that pregnant women typically like to interrelate with other expectant mothers. It is also good to increase your network and creates new friends. They like sharing their experiences and acquire from each other. You can also join pottery class, yoga classes, and various other activities in which you can get many friends. Meet various people, socialize and also make a healthy friend circle. Friendship remain continue even after the babies are born.


Thinking and visualizing about your baby is also having fun. You can also include your spouse in this activity of daydream of your baby. It have fun when you visualize your baby’s look and for this you have to maintain a record of you and your spouse thoughts and read it to your baby later.



Plan a baby shower:

Baby shower is arranged for pregnant women to come out from the boredom and enjoy having some fun. Scheduling a party is permanently a lot of fun and you should also involve in all the arrangements. There are many things like decoration, guest list, music, what kind of food as well as drink you serve them, and lastly the baby shower game.

Here we are giving a list of some baby shower game which you can involve in your party.

  • Transfer game: in this cotton ball, spoon and two basins are used. Participants are blindfold and they have to transfer cotton ball from one basin to another within a limited time. Members who transfer more balls can be stated the winner.
  • Match the picture with the guest: every member have their childhood photograph. Participants will be recognize the picture and match them with the real person.
  • Rice Bowl: bowl with plain and uncooked rice up to the half way mark. Add some safety pins in it and give a task to find safety pins blindfolded. Who takes more in a limited period will be the winner.

Hence, these are fun activities to liven up your pregnancy memories. I hope you find this article helpful as well as beneficial.

Enjoy your pregnancy!

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