6 Fun Indoor Games For Toddlers

6 Fun Indoor Games For Toddlers


Indoor Games are always a fun way to keep your kid entertained in the confines of your home. They also cater to their overall growth and mental development. They help the child focus, sharpen their skills and most importantly they are occupied productively.

When you are stuck indoors you need to keep that active toddler busy. If it’s the rains or a sick child keeping you at home, you still need to figure out some things to do. My personal experience with my baby ever since he found his feet has been overtly active and constant naughtiness. It was and is impossible to sit him down. My friends often joke with me that what did you eat while you were pregnant? lolzz. I am amazed at how his mind works to constantly do something. And to top it he loves jabbering. So imagine my plight it’s not just physical exhaustion but mental too.



But I have enjoyed each moment of becoming a mommy to the “cutest baby in the whole wide world”. That is our favourite family phrase which always brings a smile on our faces. So, getting back to ways to occupy your child indoors is in fact not a very challenging task especially if you can plan it out well, keeping in mind your child’s likes and dislikes.

I have some simple tricks which I will share with you. They are mostly fool proof and my little guy enjoys these fun things planned out for him. I also make it a point to tell my son in advance about these activities planned out for him. This helps build his excitement and also get his prior activities done easily. Clever na??

So here are my 6 favourite fun things to do Indoors with a Toddler:

Indoor Picnic:

This is a favourite. We need to pretend play that we are off on a picnic to some fun and interesting place. We choose a fun corner of the house. A play mat, some cookies and milk and a puzzle game and we are off.



Disco Time:

This is also great for the moms who don’t get a chance to work out as often as they would like to. Just turn on your kid’s favourite song and groove away. Assured fun time.



Elaborate Bath Time:

My son loves this. Though he has a outgrown his baby bath tub, yet he gets in to it and enjoys his bubble bath to the fullest. I have still kept his water toys and some bath bubbles tubes so he blows bubbles merrily.



Hide and Seek:

Again a winner. My baby loves to tell me where he is hiding. So then his excitement is uncontrollable when I have to pretend and try and find him.

Movie Time:

Popcorn and his favourite Super Hero Movie. Nothing beats this past time. Forget the kid it’s mama’s favourite too.

Read and Cuddle:

This is for those days when your baby is under the weather. Nothing works better than cuddling up with your baby and reading his favourite story to him. For us making up stories is also a lot of fun. My son gets really engrossed and also adds his bits and pieces from his innocent imagination.



Hope these help and please do share what you lovely moms do to occupy your kids!

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