6 Mommie Ways Of Using Hand Sanitizer

My mommyhood has made me sanitizer crazy .I literally pour it everywhere.My day can not be finished if I don’t use it ten times a day.My obsession began when I started hearing about  deadly flues , typhoid and now recently dengue also .Mummmy! I just don’t want to fall ill and neither can I see my daughter falling ill.I just can’t afford too with such deadlines and hectic schedule.

Let me tell you some of this mommy way of using handsnaitizer :–

  • Hand sanitizer in public toilets – I hate to use public toilets but lets admit they can not be avoided all the time. Instead of carrying toilet seat sanitizer I just  put some of the Vitamin E Enriched original hand sanitizer on the toilet paper and wipe the toiler seat with it. Wait for 3-4 seconds so that the seat is completely germ free and then do the job in peace .
  • In hospitals – Although I pray to God that none of your friends or family member get admitted in the hospital, other than a pregnant woman But whenever I go pay a visit to the hospital, I always enter into their room after using the hand sanitizer. Patients have low immunity and when we meet them we are carrying germs with us and instead of showing support we end up giving more germs to them by not sanitizing our hands. So please please don’t forget to carry a hand sanitizer while visiting patient or going near an ill person.
  • If you are a mom then this is something which is kind of obvious. Everytime your child makes a trip to the loo sanitize his/her hand. It’s important because babies have a habit of putting their hands in their mouth and imagining all those germs getting into the mouth makes me feel sick. Also, use it after and before changing diapers and I don’ forget to give it to my husband who my daughter runs for when he comes home and doesn’t even allow him to wash his hands.
  • I use it in my gym as well. Please don’t think I am crazy  because some of my gym friends do give me that kind of look .Whenever someone uses a machine especially treadmills, their sweat is on the handles and everywhere. There is a helper in gym who, when asked, wipes off the sweat with a cloth but that cloth has wiped so much of sweat that it does more harm than good I guess. I sometimes pour few drops of sanitizer on the handle and wipe it off  to be extra safe.It’s not difficult also to carry sanitizer in the gym.I just keep it with the hand towel which I carry and place both of them on my machine with the water bottle ofcourse.
  •  I make sure that I use a hand sanitizer before applying makeup especially if I am blending the foundation or using my finger to blend the eyeshadow
  •  With this to keep my mobile germ free, I pour few drops of vitamin E Enriched original hand sanitizer on a wipe and clean my mobile screen which really goes through a lot on daily basis :P.I don’t do this everyday but at times when I feel my cell phone screen is in bad condition and needs cleaning.

About vitamin E Enriched original hand sanitizer –

It’s soft and doesn’t dry out my hands and claims to kill 99% of germs although it is alcohol based. I like its fragrance  and is handy, portable and convenient to use.



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