6 Must Haves For Your Child To Enjoy The Rain


6 Must-Haves For Your Child to Enjoy The Rain


Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!

Well, the first few days of monsoon are already over and now it’s time for mud puddle on the roads, water dripping everywhere, dirty shoes on your doorstep and clothes everywhere waiting to dry up. But, should this hamper your plans for getting out of your home with your kiddo? Absolutely not! They would get bored staying indoors all the day with nothing much to do. So, why don’t you pick up some of these monsoon essentials to help your child have fun in the rain?

Hooded Jackets

Hoodies looks super cute on kids. Plus it helps keep your child warm in the heavy rain and winds. Get a stylish jacket or a smart trench coat for your little one this monsoon in lovely colours. Let your child wear this while going out to the nearby super market or when he/she is out for a playdate with friends.



Long Raincoats

From polka dots to bright colours, long raincoats are available in plenty for the kids during the rainy season. Take your pick from the wide variety of raincoats or rather let your kid choose the one she would love to wear (children can be fussy times if they don’t like what you want them to wear). Longer raincoats are good for protecting your child from top to toe and also allow them to sit on a wet area.




Jumpsuits for girls and shorts for boys are excellent for wearing during the rains. You never know when they might jump in the mud puddle next to them. They are not only practical but also very comfortable to walk or play on the soggy ground. An added advantage for you is – not much of dirt to wash off the clothes




Your kid is not going to listen to your requests of not getting in the puddle. So, why don’t you get some colourful crocs instead? Crocs are definitely more fun, comfortable and stylish. It would be easier for you to clean them and gives those cute little feet enough room to breathe and air dry. Another added advantage is grip. These waterproof sandals are mostly anti-skid so another worry off your chest.



Colorful Umbrellas

You can stand under my umbrella! Under my umbrella! This song reminds me so much of our college days during the rain Well coming back to the present, umbrellas are a must have for those cute little hands in the monsoon. There are so many colours, designs and prints in umbrella that you can choose from.



Stylish Hair Accessories

If you have a girl you must let her have some good waterproof hair clips and rubber bands to keep her hair in place while playing. It would also prevent her hair from getting messy and tangled from playing in the rain. However, while buying make sure that the rubber bands are made of soft material and not too tight.



What are your monsoon must haves for your child ?

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