6 Nutrients Which All Babies Need

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6 Nutrients which all babies need

When you are expecting a baby you will start receiving various contradictory advices about how you should feed your baby best. And as a new mom with lots of dreams about your first child you would obviously want to give your babe the best dose of nutrition so that your baby can start off its new life in the healthiest way. You must keep this in mind that your baby will get the best nutrition ever if it is breast fed at least till the first 6-7 months following its birth.

Mothera��s milk has the perfect mix of certain nutritional enzymes and fatty acids in optimal quantities much needed for the babya��s brain development, immune system development, development of the resistance power against gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, strengthening of bones and muscles.

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Thus doctors too highly recommend breastfeeding during the early stages of infancy. But after six months once the baby starts growing you need to supplement you babya��s fast growth stages with additional nutritional support. Here are the 6 major nutrients which all babies need:

IronA�For Babies

Iron is one vital nutrient that helps your baby in healthy brain development. Thus when your baby starts taking solid foods, you must start giving your babe adequate supply of iron-fortified dishes in appropriate texture and consistency so that your baby can have the food without getting choked. Cereals, Meat, fish, poultry, turkey, beef, chicken, eggs, broccoli, chickpeas, amoxil without prescription spinach, prunes, soybeans, potatoes and avocado are excellent sources of iron. But always remember to boil, bake, fine chop, fine ground these food items prior to mixing them into your babya��s food bowl so that your baby with its soft delicate mouth can eat the food with ease

Zinc for babies

Zinc is another vital nutrient that all babies would need to support their fast growing stage. Not only does this mineral help in brain development like iron but even boosts the babya��s resistance power tremendously against infection causing germs. The mineral also fosters healthy cell development plus quick repair of cells in your babya��s body thereby giving your baby a kiss of good health. Thus you must try to include high quantities of finely ground dark meat, cheddar cheese, fortified cereal, whole milk, lentils, fish and poultry into your babya��s food because those are packed with the nutrient zinc.

Calcium for babies

This is another very essential nutrient that all babies need. If you want your baby to have really strong bones, giving your babe optimum calcium at the growing stages of infancy is indeed important. Deficiency of this mineral can make your babya��s bones fragile and prone to easy fracture. Whole milk and Yoghurt are of course the richest calcium sources and the other sources are cheese, oatmeal, tomatoes, salmon, tofu, broccoli, calcium fortified juice of orange, white beans. You can include all these into your babya��s diet however keeping in mind the texture that is easy for your baby to chew. Also ita��s not a wise option to give cow milk to babes under the age of 1 year. Your little one may find it difficult to digest the cow milk. Yoghurt would be a better option.



DHA For Babies:-


All babies must have this nutrient too in adequate portions in their daily diet. DHA will help your baby to have a sharp brain, better focus and excellent eyesight. If your babya��s diet has a dearth of this nutrient your baby might develop DHA deficiency which will eventually lead to poor cognitive skills in your baby. Not only that, DHA also facilitates better absorption of Vitamin A, E that are fat-soluble in nature. If your babya��s body has a DHA deficiency, the goodness of these vitamins too will not act the body of your little one. Thus you need to give you baby food items like salmon, avocado that are rich in DHA.

Essential Vitamin groups like A, D, E and Vitamin K

These are again the essential nutrients that all babies would invariably need for a healthy life ahead. Vitamin A would give your little one strong vision plus healthy skin. Vitamin D obliquely helps in bone strengthening because this one nutrient facilitates calcium absorption in human body. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant source that would boost cell growth in your babea��s body and develop your little onea��s nervous system fast. Vitamin K is one very essential nutrient that facilitates the process of normal healthy blood clotting in your babya��s body. The food that you give to your baby should be a good mix of all the above vitamins in the needed quantities.

Sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots are rich in Vitamin A, Fish, Egg yolk, fortified milk of cow are rich in Vitamin D, Grains, Cereals and vegetable oils contain a high amount of Vitamin E and Cowa��s milk, soybean oils, fresh fruits and green leafy veggies are a rich source of Vitamin K. Though you are giving your baby food rich in Vitamin D, the quantity of Vitamin D in these food items perhaps does not meet the requirement of an infant at its growing stage and therefore according to research, majority of infants suffer from this particular nutritional deficiency. Thus all pediatricians generally advise new moms to provide their babes with a Supplement of Vitamin D to resolve the issue.

Essential Vitamins B & C For Babies

These nutrients too are important for your baby. Vitamin B primarily folic acid can improve your babya��s nervous system, immune system, muscle tone greatly and also regulate perfectly the metabolism in your babea��s body. The Vitamin C greatly improves the absorption of iron thereby keeping things like scurvy at bay! Folic Acid and other categories of Vitamin Bs are found in large amounts in green leafy veggies, bread, fortified cereals, brown rice, beans, bananas, poultry, fish, meat and eggs. Vitamin C is richly packed in the citrus fruits like lemons, oranges etc, strawberries, cantaloupes, potatoes and tomatoes.

Nutrition received at infancy will show itself in your childa��s later life. Good nutrition in fact makes a building block for a healthy future for your child and so you must pay enough heed to it.

What is your baby’s nutrients diet?

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