6 Rules To Bring Good Manners In Your Toddler

6 Rules To Bring Good Manners In Your Toddler


Living by Rules isn’t easy for anyone especially little Toddlers who feel it is their birth right to do as they please. It is essential to prioritize the necessary time and energy to become a “disciplined parent” in five key areas: eating, sleeping, going out, early learning and behaviour management. But though toddlers have imposed their share of rules on them, very often than not they have little or no understanding of them. That is why it is very hard to make them adhere to those rules. If we can somehow make them realize the importance and necessity of these rules and their benefits it will make our tasks much easier as the toddlers will learn to be more obedient and well behaved.



Your approach definitely has to be positive and encouraging especially when you are feeling overwhelmed or physically challenged as a new parent. When I became a mom I found it extremely hard to get around my toddler. Blame it on the hormones or my own whims I just couldn’t get it right with my toddler when discipline was concerned. I was tagged as the Sucker Mom because one cute smile from my boy and I would melt and the discipline could take a walk as far as I was concerned. Lollzz. This arrangement worked out well since my darling husband took charge and enforced rules which surprisingly my baby had no problems listening to. Aaarrrgghhh. imagine my frustration. I decided to take charge. So this is what I started doing to ensure my toddler listened to me. (Well , at least in public).

  • Explain – There is no better thing than talking to your child. Do it as much as you can and as often as possible. They need to understand the reason behind enforcing these rules and the importance of obeying them. Once they are convinced they will be more willing to listen.
  • Consistency – You have to be clear whilst setting rules. They should not change according to your convenience. That ways the child is also clear that you mean business and you won’t change your mind the next time.



  • Clarity – Be clear and concise in your rules. Don’t be strict about something and then go vague about it in a different situation. A No should be taken as a No always.
  • Repetition – As adults children too forget their rules and how they should go about being well behaved. Keep repeating to them over and over again but of course nicely and not sounding overbearing. They should not get put off.
  • Reasoning – This worked very well in my case. As long as I gave a solid reason to my son about why something was incorrect and not to be repeated he never did it again. I calmly spoke to him and gave him to reflect on his actions as well. I would often leave the ball in his court, that you decide if what you did was correct or incorrect and he would understand his mistake.
  • Margin for Error – Even though you are making rules and you expect them to be followed to the tee, don’t be too rigid on them. Give your child some leeway. It’s ok to make an odd mistake and get away with it.



Phewww!! Long List na? Coming from me who loves to break rules.. Wink wink.. On a serious note, before deciding on rules for your toddler, please chalk out some for yourself too..It’ll inspire your child to follow in your foot steps.

How do you mange to set the rules for your toddlers behavior?

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