6 Tips On Choosing Disposable Diapers For Your Baby

6 Tips on Choosing Disposable Diapers for Your Baby


Whether you are an expecting mom or a new one, you are bound to get baffled by the variety of disposable diapers available in the market. And now that you have made a conscientious choice to use a disposable diaper for your baby, where should you start? Should you buy in bulk? Which size should you pick up? Which brand? Should you pick the pant style diaper or the ones with snaps? The questions are countless. So, here are a few tips to get you sorted while buying the best diaper for your baby.



Get a diaper with good absorbent core

You are buying a diaper with obviously one goal in mind and that is, your little one’s bottom should be dry. The material used in the diaper for absorbing all the liquid is the crux of any disposable diaper. The better the absorbency, the drier your baby’s bottom is going to be. For a whine free baby it’s important that you look at the diaper that promises to hold more liquid. For nighttime you may try the disposable diapers formulated especially for the night that have more absorbency power.

Get the right fit

Another important point to remember while you are choosing a diaper for your small apple pie is the right fit. If you don’t get the right fit you may end up with various issues like leakage, diaper rash or a whiny baby. Even at the same age and stage it’s not necessary that every baby will fit into the same diaper, for example your 6 month baby might be wearing a smaller size in Brand A while a medium size in Brand B. This is because the diaper sizes are mostly categorized according to the weight. Ensure that you are always aware of your baby’s weight before making your purchase.

Get the smallest package of diapers

When you are trying out a new diaper, don’t get too excited with the huge super saver packs. They are not going to be of any use if your baby doesn’t find it comfortable or if it’s leaky. Smallest packages, mainly that contains either two or five diapers, are available with most brands. Try out these smaller packs first from different brands and buy in bulk only the one that suits your requirement, this way you would not only save more but also avoid tending to a fussy baby all the time.

Get a perfume free diaper

Perfumes definitely smell awesome but not on poop and pee. You don’t really need a perfumed diaper for your baby to smell good, the longer a soiled diaper stays on your baby, the greater the chances of rashes and irritations. So, when you are taking off a soiled diaper, what’s the need of using a perfumed diaper? Moreover, your baby’s skin is very delicate and still immature, so the perfume may lead to skin irritations if used too often. Choose a diaper, which is perfume free, instead go for a diaper that has wetness indicator, a nice add on to any diaper.

Get the diaper that is easy to put on

Should you get a pant style diaper or a snap one? This entirely depends upon how active your baby is. If your little one wouldn’t stay put even for a second, walks around and can stand easily on his feet, then it would be best to use pant style diapers for him or her. If you just had your baby or the baby is still not in its mobility phase then diapers with snaps are a better option. But, don’t think of it as a rule. If you find it easier to put a pant style diaper on your 4-month-old girl, go ahead and do it. Just make sure that, whichever style you choose fits snugly on to your baby.

Get the diaper from online shopping sites

Most of the retailers are not ready to give you a huge discount on diapers or even a minimum discount. Shopping online gives you an opportunity to try out many brands, save more through discounts, cash backs and many more offers. But, don’t buy just any brand for the sake of huge discount. In the long run you are only going to have to spend more on diaper rashes or medications if your child is allergic to it.

To summarize I would say, try out different brands at different stages to find out the one that suits you the most. It’s not necessary that what one mom swears by would suit the other mom’s requirement as well. So, go ahead and make a wise choice.

Do you have more diaper choosing tips to share?

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