6 Ways To Introduce Bottle To Breastfed Baby

From the very first month I use to breast feed my baby and once in a day gave her  bottle feed.In early weeks baby doesn’t create any problem and can easily switch between breastfeed and formula milk. One of my relative shared her experience of how tough it was when she raised her boy without bottle feeding as he just refused to accept bottle. She therefore gave bottle to her baby from the very day she was born at least once in a day.

 For two months my baby accepted bottle easily but as I was shifting, I stopped bottle feeding thinking she is used to it and will accept it later too. More so, my doc  is totally against bottle .He feels that it has lot of sterilising issues so he doesn’t recommend it. However, as I keep traveling for work related issues, I thought that I can not manage without bottle feeding my baby and consulted another doctor who asked me to try bottle feeding the baby again ASAP otherwise she might refuse it for ever.

I had no idea that a simple bottle feeding can be such a frustrating thing.It has taken me almost a month to get her back to bottle feeding again  that too with lots of tricks and tactics and ofcourse with a lot (a lot !) of patience Some how motherhood automatically imparts this to us.I don’t know how.

I am listing down few of the methods which got my baby back to bottle feeding  or if you have never introduced bottle to her then these tips might help you out –

1. I never gave my baby pacifier but when she refused bottle I bought her a good quality pacifier. Please refrain from local ones. Initially she didn’t like pacifier but later on started enjoying it for 30 seconds or so. My aim was to make her shift from me and in which pacifier helped. Slowly you can try transferring the baby to the bottle.

Introducing Pacifier

2. I have read it on so many websites that some one other than the mom should offer bottle to the baby as then the mom breast is not available but it never worked for me. The patience with which I could keep while trying bottle with her was some how missing with every one so ultimately I decided to take up the task.

3. It initially became a battle between me and my baby. I would keep the bottle nipple  for half or more minute into her mouth and she will keep resisting  and I keep persisting. It made me feel guilty. I cried too seeing her and after 2-3 days I refused to force the bottle in her mouth. I could easily see that babies understand very easily what is coming up and she too was prepared to pull off. It always works for me. Babies knows best what is required so I don’t force anything.

4. Problem with the babies is that they don’t like the bottle nipple and neither do they know how to suck it and nor do they like the formula milk. So trying bottle feeding with your own milk initially helps . Then slowly start increasing the ratio of formula milk  and reducing yours.It worked with my baby for  2-3 time but she never sucked the bottle nipple which was frustrating.

Giving Apple Juice To Babies

5.Giving Apple juice – I gave her apple juice in the bottle but she refused that too.

6.I got some 3-4 quality nipples and enlarge the hole in baby bottle nipple.This way she didn’t need to suck the nipple. Milk would keep flowing and even if she isn’t interested some of the milk she has to drink atleast initially. First few days I would press the bottle nipple from the back(never touch the area where the milk flows due to hygiene reason).She slowly then started sucking the bottle and after  two weeks I found her sucking the nipple by herself. Because of the bigger pore, flow of the milk was high and most of the milk kept coming out.So now the task was to get her accustomed to the normal size .I then gave her another nipple with little less size hole and slowly brought her to normal size hole.

What worked for me might not work for you and vice versa. One shouldn’t give up and keep trying all the time. Don’t just think of breast feeding immediately if baby is refusing bottle. Wait for a while and then give her your milk or if you don’t want to give her your milk then try spoon feeding but keep trying and don’t give up just after few trials .It took me almost a month to get my baby accustomed to bottle feed and it would have taken more time I would have still tried.

How did you introduce bottle feed your breastfeeding baby ?

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