7 Best Warm Food Recipes To Serve To Toddlers

By Stuti Khurana

7 Best Warm Food Recipes To Serve To Toddlers

Hey mommies! I am sure you all must be taking excellent care of your babies in this chilly weather. In addition, it is also important to include food items in the diet which keep your baby warm. Winters are the perfect season to try on such seasonal recipes. Today we take a look at some warm food recipes for your toddler. Keep reading!

Vegetable Porridge (Daliya):

Vegetable daliya is a pot full of nutrition! It is really healthy & keeps your baby warm. Take some carrots & chop them into cubes. Also take some peas & peel them. Now boil the veggies & dalia together in water. Next, shallow fry some onions & add garlic & salt to this paste. Now add the dalia mixture & mix well. Your dish is ready to be served.


Seviyan is a common Indian dessert & tastes really yummy. Take some ghee in a pan & add vermicelli. Now stir fry till it is golden brown in color. Then add some water & let it simmer till the vermicelli gets soft. Make sure that it does not get completely dry else it would be difficult to mix sugar. Now add sugar & mix well. Finally, garnish with cardamom powder & saffron & serve hot!

Vegetable Cutlets:

Vegetable cutlets are easy to make & kids love it too. Boil some potatoes & mash them. Then take veggies like peas, carrots & beans & steam them. Now mix all of them together & add salt as per your taste. Take some flour & make a batter by adding water. Divide the vegetable mixture into small parts & shape into round patties. Dip these in the batter & fry till they are golden brown. Serve hot with ketchup.

 Gajar Ka Halwa:

This is a staple winter dessert which is loved by all. Wash the carrots properly & grate them. Add milk in a deep bottomed pan along with the grated carrots. Let the mixture come to a boil & then simmer. Make sure you keep stirring in between as well. After some time, the carrots will start getting cooked in the milk & the amount of milk will reduce in the pan. Add powdered cardamom, ghee & sugar & cook on a low flame. Once it is cooked completely, add saffron & crushed cashews & you are done!

 Semolina Upma:

Upma is a healthy dish & is easy to prepare too. Take rawa or sooji , roast it on a low flame & keep it aside. Now heat some ghee & add curry leaves & onions along with some veggies. Add salt, roasted sooji & water & stir well. Your upma is ready to be served!

Spinach Soup:

Spinach soup is very healthy & nutritious for your little one. Simply boil some spinach leaves & grind them in water to form a paste. Then, take a pan, add butter & wheat flour & keep stirring till it turns light brown in color. Now add the spinach paste & stir continuously till it is smooth & of soup consistency. Pour in a bowl & serve. You may also add some cream or grated cheese on top to make it more tasty for your baby.

Bread Rolls:

Bread rolls are easy to prepare & are a perfect choice for winter season. Boil some potatoes & mash them. Add salt & other spices as per your taste & make rolls in an oval shape. Now take a slice of bread & dip it into water till it turns moist. Then place the potato roll on the bread slice, roll it around & join the edges to make bread rolls. Next, fry these in a pan till they become crisp & golden in color & serve hot with ketchup or chutney.

Have you tried making these baby recipes?

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