7 Causes of Childhood Obesity

7 Causes of Childhood Obesity

Is your child is overweight? Do you know why your child is obese? Nowadays many parents are worried about their child’s overweight. You have to know that extra calories are work as a fuel for child’s growth. If they consume more amounts of calories then it results into unnecessary weight gain. Thus, today in this article we are telling you the cause that gives obesity to your child.

The number of obese children is increased day by day because of an irregular lifestyle. Childhood obesity is nearly a result of a number of issues occupied together to increase risk.  Obesity is also responsible for many diseases such as Diabetes, high cholesterol, early heart disease, high blood pressure, bone problems and skin situations like acne, fungal infections, and heat rash. The obese children are more disposed to develop sadness, low self-esteem as well as stress.

Causes of childhood obesity:

There are several reasons for the weight gain as well as obesity in children. Some essential causes are given below;


If the weight problem is quite common in your family then your child may be hereditarily susceptible to the condition. But not all the children follow the overweight tradition. This is because in your family the high calorie food is easily available as well as the physical activities are not cheered. In most of the families, all members are obese due to their similar lifestyle.


Avoid giving your child an environment that is full of junk food. When your child opens up the refrigerator or kitchen cupboards and is reached by bags of chips, microwave pizza, and candy bars. All these are responsible for weight gain. If you want to lose your children weight then you have to keep your fridge full of low-fat yogurt, tasty cut-up fruits veggies like berries, red pepper strips, and baby carrots, low-fat ranch dip, and higher-fiber granola bars. This is what because of giving a balanced and also healthy environment.


Diet plays an important role to determine the child’s weight. Many children enjoy eating only junk foods but hardly like to eat home food. Unnatural lunch options as well as regular intake of high-calorie foods, such as fast food, cookies and candy, extra baked goods, chips, soda, and transaction machine snacks provide a weight gain. Snacking is another major is also lawbreaker. The good eating habit plays an essential role to maintain weight during childhood. Now the children’s mostly use extremely processed foods and beverages which contain just calories and exact less nutrition in proportion.


In many researches, it is recommended that 13 hours of sleep is necessary for kids at age 2 for every day. If the kid takes less sleep than recommended amount then he will possibly to be obese at age 7. You have to also know that fatigue is also playing a vital role to change the level of appetite-regulating hormones that can cause the kids to consume more.

Medical conditions:

Some diseases are also responsible for obesity in children’s like genetic diseases as well as hormonal disorders. There are many y diseases such as Prader-Willi syndrome, hypothyroidism, and Cushing’s syndrome. If any child is suffering from asthma then the treatment medication results into obesity.

Psychological factors:

It is observed that some kids eat more foods to handle some problems as well as negative feelings like tension, anxiety, or dullness. For example if a death or divorce in the family is occurring then a child consume more amount of food to deal with this situation.

Socioeconomic factors:

Childhood obesity is mostly seen in low-income backgrounds families because the parents not able to purchase as well not unable to prepare healthy foods. They cannot afford a gym exercise or not encourage physical activity.

So, these are the essential causes of childhood obesity and I hope you find this article very informative as well as beneficial!

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