7 Fun & Innovative Buys for your Baby

Baby stuff isn’t boring and straight-forward anymore. I was browsing online and came so many new and fun items to buy for babies that I simply had to show them to you..

1. The 1st Step Soft Squeeze Food- Feeder: Perfect to introduce semi solids to your baby while eliminating the chances of messes. Perfect for feeding your baby while travelling too. I’ve purchased one of these for my baby too. Have you tried this?

Price: INR 295

2. Chicco Duckling Plate: Perfect to simulate eating like his/her parents, this plate is definitely going to be my Baby girls first plate. the main reason being the suction base which promises that the plate will not be displaced by those naughty hands..A nice way to avoid plates flying in the air and food all over the place..

Price: INR 599

3. Farlin Insulated Feeding Bottle: Tired of warming milk again and again to prepare your babies formula? OR sick of carrying a flask all over the place? Worry not! Now we have insulated  feeding bottles to the rescue! Light weight and made from non-toxic material this will prove to be super handy for us mommies.

Price: INR 750


4.  Disposable Potty seat covers:As a kid I suffered from UTI more times than I can remember. I wish we’d had something like these then. Whats best is that these can be flushed off easily too.

Price: INR 35 for 10sheets


5. Ollington St. Baby Diapers: I initially didn’t purchase the famed BumChums cloth diapers and inserts because of the steep price. Over 1k for a single diaper + inserts seemed a bit too pricey esp not knowing how much I’d use them. But thanks to these new ones from Ollington St., I can now try out these Cloth Diapers at a lesser cost and then decide whether they would be useful to me. All mommies-to-be should surely give this a look.

Price:  INR 599

6. Farlin Auto-Close Pacifier: Always in fear of your baby getting an infection from an open pacifier? Or tired of losing the pacifier lid again and again? I’ve gone through both these worries and finally found these soothers from Farlin which close on their own which means no need to worry about the lid at all and about whether it’s been left out in the open for too long.

Price: INR 225



7. Nuby Tie N’ Toss Diaper Bag Dispenser: Ever gone out and had to change your babies diaper and then wondered where to dispose of it? With the overwhelming odour clogging your senses it’s impossible of thinking of the nuances of disposing them and these Baggies make life easier! They actually lock in the odour so that you can breathe again…and ofcourse let others breathe too, thereby avoiding the dirty stares from crowds.

Price: INR 299


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