7 Helpful Tips For Making Toddlers Understand Colors

By Melody

7 Helpful Tips for Making Toddlers Understand Colors


There are many mothers who have problem making their kids learn to distinguish between colors. Many parents complain to pediatricians that their toddlers are able to count numbers and learn up the letters but somehow cannot find the difference between the various colors. Parents worry about the fact that their kids are unable to identify the colors despite showing growth in other areas.

First of all, the picture of how a child conceives colors needs to be understood. The kid has been rigorously exposed to understanding what a bag or a shoe is and he is expected to figure out the color of everything around him including his socks and his bag. This can be seriously a tough job for his brain. The fact is that an average toddler needs to be at least three years old to properly understand colors and identify them. The process of making the child learn about sensing various colors is one that requires a lot of patience.



However, the following guidelines will make it easy for you to help introduce the color concept to your kiddo.

The Practical Ways of Learning:

  • Comparison of similar objects having different colors- In the developing phase of your child, he is made to undergo the word-association process for a lot of objects. It is during this time that you make the concept of colors clear to him by making him understand the difference between colors of the same object. For example, your kid will benefit more if you show him two balls of blue and green colors instead of making him identify a blue toy and a green shirt.
  • Allowing the child to take the lead- It may so happen that your child is obsessed with the color ‘yellow’. So, you must create an environment around him that is yellow, from his clothes to his toys to his shoes. Do it until its wears out is newness. Next, move to a new color and now follow the same process of exposing your kid to everything in, say, red. It is always easier to go step by step than try to reach the top in a hurry.

The Activity Ways of Learning:

  • Coloring Activity- The most effective way of making your child sense various color is allowing him to scribble colored waxes on sheets. Make him pick his favorite color and label it while he scratches the pages with that colored crayon.
  • Introducing colors through games and puzzles- Most toddlers prefer to learn more about their world through the sense of sound and touch, which is why games are crucial for a child’s development. Think of games that involve a lot of colors like games in which you need to match colors or color dominos. They will surely lend a good hand to your child’s sense of colors.
  • The Internet Help- Take the help of websites that provide information on affordable household supplies which can double as color-learning play for toddlers. It will also actively involve your kid in to learning colors.

The Digital Ways of Learning:

  • App for learning- Technology has advanced to such levels that nowadays software are available in galore in the market that help learn the different colors. Most of the apps are ‘child directed’ so that they can go through the self-discovery process to gain knowledge about the colors. And the best part is that such apps are mostly free for download and use!
  • Pick a favorite character- Developers are designing interactive games for toddlers that assist in their color-learning process. You will be amazed how fast your child connects to his favorite character and finds out the colors that the character wears.

Therefore, the above ideas will definitely ease your burden of making your child differentiate the variety of colors. Yet, in case of problems, you can use the online ‘testing cards’ for color blindness first before taking him to a professional.

Does your child identify colors?

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