7 Infections You Should Know That Affect Pregnancy


Infections that affect pregnancy


Are you pregnant? According to most of the women the pregnancy is normal as well as healthy state but some treated it as a disease. In pregnancy you may even now be immune to a number of infectious ailments. Pregnancy may create some infections more severe and also slight infections results into severe infection. Hence, today in this article we are discussing on some infections that affect pregnancy.

The infections that occur during pregnancy are also spread to the fetus and provide serious risk for the baby. There is much damage happen if the severe infection occurs during pregnancy such as preterm labor, miscarriage, birth defects or maternal death. The drugs that are used to cure such infections can cause thoughtful side effects, particularly to unborn child.



The pregnancy plays an important role to regulate every physiological system in your body. If there are variations in immune function as well as hormonal balance then your body is more susceptible to infections and severe obstacles.

Infections during pregnancy:

Now here we are giving a list of infections that affects the pregnancy. They are as follows;

1. Rubella:

It is also known as German measles. It is a virus infection occurs in early pregnancy that is responsible for miscarriages as well as birth defects. If a child bearing women having deficiency of rubella virus antibodies then vaccination is helpful to treat this. Avoid pregnancy for 1 month after vaccination.

2. Varicella or chickenpox:

The virus varicella is responsible for pneumonia or even death in older adults and also in pregnant women. Varicella vaccine is available for women who are not protected to chickenpox. A women not need a vaccine because they are immune if she suffer from chickenpox in past. A blood test to identify immunity status is also one option for you.

3. Toxoplasmosis:

The cat feces, uncooked meats, particularly pork contain a small parasite that is spread to humans. If this infection occurs during pregnancy then it causes birth defects. Hence, women who plan for pregnancy should escape raw meat as well as stay away from cat litter box.

4. HIV:

HIV is a Human immunodeficiency virus and that can be spread from mother to her baby. During pregnancy some medication programs occurs to decrease the risk of HIV. If women are establish to have HIV infection then exceptional medication is given to defend the baby from this infection as well as health of mother.

5. Genital herpes:

At the time of delivery this infectiontransmitted to infant. In pregnancy, the genital lesions develop from herpes virus means HSV infection and because of that the chances of transmission is increased. It affects the newborn on some organs such as mouth, eyes, skin, or limited to the central nervous system or extensive and includes many organs. Antiviral medications as well as sympathetic care are provided to infant for the treatment of this infection.

6. Hepatitis B:

It affects newborn infant because hepatitis B is transmitted from mother to child. Hepatitis B is spread mainly parentally over close personal contact. The vaccination is available to avoid chronic infection by this virus.Chronic hepatitis B infection can diffuse the virus to their babies at birth. Babies infected by chronic liver disease, liver cancer, and liver cirrhosis in later life. Therefore, during pregnancy the test for hepatitis B is necessary to prevent baby from these diseases.

7. Parvovirus B19:

It is very commonillness of childhood and the virus that is responsible for this infection is identified as Fifth disease. This disease is transmitted by drops in the air or by blood. It is very essential for pregnant women to stay away from those individuals who have infected from parvovirus B-19 that leads a death of an unborn or fetus prior birth.

So, these are some infections that affect pregnancy and therefore take care of yourself and your baby. I hope you find this article very helpful as well as informative.

Have you tackled any of these infections?

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