7 Maternity Fashion Essentials

7 Maternity Fashion Essentials 


Maternity Fashion simply means to be in sync and fashionable whilst you complete your nine months of pregnancy. The luckier ones manage to complete the first trimester with just a few minor adjustments of leaving one button unopened, open the seam of your dress, or just borrow your partners tee. For the others it might be a revamp of wardrobe essentials.



The earlier generations weren’t too keen on showing their baby bump. However, times have changed now. It is a matter of pride and celebration for any woman to show her baby bump and glowing skin.It is but natural then that she would like to dress comfortably and stylishly. With our Fashion Sensibilities on the rise, Maternity Fashion is also not far behind. You can look your Stylish best whether you are working or even a At Home pampered mom to be. And today, it has a wide array to offer. From Maternity Jeans, Leggings, Feeding Kurtas, Elasticated Tops etc. these clothes see you through not just while you are pregnant but even for the time that you are feeding. If you think these clothes would be drab, dull or boring you are far from the truth. They are not just Pregnancy friendly but bright, colourful and extremely stylish. All the more reason for us moms to be in shape to carry them off, don’t you think.

It will also help to remember not to force fit into our existing clothes. Our Body will be going through drastic changes and we need to prepare ourselves for it. Sorting out your



The First Trimester we may scrape through, however for the Second and Third Trimester we may need to change our wardrobe to suit the little one’s arrival first in our Tummy’s and then in our lives. We also should keep in mind to not go over board shopping for maternity wear as we will not be using those for a while and it will also help us to get back in shape, lest we get comfortable in those loose fitting clothes.

Must Haves: Maternity Fashion Essentials

  • A basic cut well-fitting pair of Jeans is essential. If you are working then buy a pair of Black Formal Trouser. It goes well with almost anything and looks classy and professional.
  • Few Slightly loose Tops / Shirts, preferably front open as you can use them later on when you start feeding your little one.
  • Loose Fit Kurtis and Harems can be your daily wear. Airy and Easy breathing Cottons are definite buys.
  • Keep some Shrugs and Stoles handy. If at any point you do feel conscious of your tummy becoming bigger just drape these over you.
  • Make sure your shoes have a strong sole and very comfortable. You not only would have to say a temporary goodbye to those lovely stilettos but also those pretty ballerinas as their sole could be slippery and not very sensible to wear during your important months.
  • Opt for a comfortable Hair Style as that will be the last thing on your mind when your pregnancy hormones are in full swing. Even when your baby arrives, feeding and the constant care required is going to take a toll. Pulling your hair back will be hassle free.
  • Your nightwear should also be comfortable and no fuss. Babies demands to feed are very high at night time. Keep front open button down night gowns so you can feed with ease.

 Did you revamp your wardrobe during your pregnancy?

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