7 Mistakes Women Make During Pregnancy


By Ritika Basotia

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and cherished moments in a woman’s life. Pregnancy gives immense joy and at the same time gives a huge sense of responsibility of bringing a new life in to this world.

But pregnancy makes a woman very anxious, anxious to the extent that she at times commits mistakes unknowingly and stays in an illusion of doing well. But she is not aware that she is doing more of harm to herself and the baby rather than doing well.

Let us know about few mistakes that women commit during pregnancy.

Mistakes that women make during pregnancy are:

Giving Up On Delicious Foods:

This one mistake is something that we find every other women committing. Pregnancy does not ask for giving up your favorite delicacies, it is all about eating things nutritious. So if you have a craving for your favorite delicious food you can certainly have it, the only thing that needs to keep in mind is to keep in check the quantity you have. Your food should come up as a substitution for nutritious food.



Self Medication:

Please let the unqualified doctors in you sleep and don’t let it take over at any point of time. Not all ladies are doctors. Let your doctor handle your health issues and you should never ever even in your dreams try to self medicate no matter if it is as minor as nausea.

Eating For Two:

Oh I have heard of it so many times. This thinking has its roots since the old ages and still is very strong. It is true that there is a baby in the womb that eats too for its growth, but it is not literally eating. It just consumes the required essential nutrients from the mother. So you just relax and eat how much you can, don’t force yourself to eat for two. The only thing that needs to be ensured is to have a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, this is enough to give nourishment to the baby in the womb.

Lack of Sleep:

Normally, on a daily routine basis a human body demands for 6-7 hours of sleep to revive energy. But this is not enough for pregnant women. Since the body at a pregnant stage goes through a lot of huge changes, the body then demands for at least 9-10 hours of sleep.
Dr. Kathryn Lee, PhD and a professor of nursing at the University of California at San Francisco, explains, “Women with a chronic sleep debt may not have the energy to get through labor and delivery.”



Choosing A Doctor With No Research:

Doctor takes care of you and your baby throughout the months beginning from the initial stage. Please do a proper research before choosing a Doctor, since you are supposedly giving the doctor the charge to help bring the baby in this world and at the same time ensuring well being of both mother and the baby.

Not to Exercise:

Giving up on activities and going on a big rest is not good, though the women from older generation believe that pregnant women should not do much activities.

Mild to moderate activities are good for both the mother and the baby. Yoga is the most common suggested activity for a woman that ensures the well being of the baby within you. Yoga should be done on a regular basis along with routine walks until and unless the doctor tells you not to do activities and have only rest. Take proper advice from your doctor on developing a proper fitness regime during pregnancy, before you start with any routine



Choosing a C-Section:

Many women are under a false illusion of C-Section being less painful than a normal delivery. Infact the real truth is   that a Caesarean delivery leads to longer recovery period, Uneasy breast feedings and may even lead to infections in case of negligence.
C- Section is only a good option when there are certain complications in the pregnancy and doctor advises for it.

So ladies these were few very common mistakes that pregnant women commit.

We  hope you ladies to make it a point to not to commit such mistakes.


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