7 Myths About Pregnancy Diet

7 Myths About Pregnancy Diet


What you eat during your pregnancy is very crucial and shall actually take you a long way in healing your body post-delivery. Your diet should be wholesome and a healthy mix of Fibrous fruits, proteins as well as calcium intake. Adding a lot of spinach also takes care of the requirement. Add a fistful of dry fruits to your duet. This is especially beneficial to working women as they are on the go all day. Ensure you keep yourself hydrated through the day.




Well, we all know the basic dietary precautions and what intake is necessary and in what quantities. So today I thought, let me

burst some pregnancy dietary myths:-

  • You eat only for yourself – Often people would tell you don’t worry it is ok, you need to eat a lot. This couldn’t be more untrue. Your baby is taking all the necessary nutrients from your diet and anything extra that you put in your tummy, well that just goes and stays there or other problem areas.
  • Sugar intake – Avoid sweeteners, not just during pregnancy but even after that. I personally feel 2 – 3 spoons of sugar is absolutely fine. Also, watch your sugar intake, you may be surprised to know that there are a lot of foods which you consume have sugar in it so your body is getting the needful.
  • Salt – I personally cannot give up salt. If I have to have bland food I rather not eat anything. Of course, you should not go overboard. I try and add salt while steaming or boiling veggies, it also aides in retaining nutrients while boiling.
  • Salads are not slimming – If you think when you eat at a restaurant and order a salad, you have eaten a healthy meal think again. A salad has heavy dressing, it could be mayonnaise or a cheesy dip, they all add to the calories. Try and keep your dressing aside and dip your fork lightly and eat. You should be eating a whole lot of vegetables and fruits rather than the other way around.
  • Sandwiches are fattening – Choose your sandwich carefully. Opt for whole wheat or multi – grain bread and grilled chicken or vegetables. Home – made are the best as you know it’s fresh and you can monitor the quantities.
  • Cravings may not happen and its normal – Not every pregnant woman has cravings. I did not have any cravings – sweet or salty. Basically, cravings tend to start when a balanced meal is not being consumed. If you have everything in moderation and at the right time you will enjoy your meals more as well your pregnancy.
  • Add Homemade juices to your meal – For in between snacking make fresh fruits and vegetable juices to consume. They are healthy and easy to digest and you won’t feel bloated and lethargic.

Believe it or not, many people have myths about pregnancy; even your own family might have pregnancy myths. Once you’ve spread the news that you’re pregnant, don’t be surprised if family, friends and even strangers start giving you homespun advice based on their own myths about pregnancy. Follow your heart and of course read up and be well informed because you know your body best.

Share some myths that you faced during your pregnancy. Did you follow them or broke all rules and did as you pleased.


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