7 Parenting Tips For Five Year Old

7 Parenting Tips For Five Year Old

Hello mommies,

We have a little serious topic today. As a parent a mom is very affectionate to her child and there is nothing wrong about it but is your affection turning into extra pampering leaving no scope for discipline in your child’s life…..???????

Well as a baby grows to a toddler and then grows to a kid, we cannot have the same parenting patterns for all the growth stages. Especially when you child is five year old, you must watch your parenting because at this age the kid gets into a new environment and begins going to school.


By five most children develop enough independence and understanding which enables them to cope with the outside home environment. At this age they have some behavioral changes and preference changes, they become curious and expressive, gain ability to reason and are more verbal at this age you need to develop a parenting system where it enhances your child’s personality and at the same time make them disciplined.

Have a look at few parenting tips for a five year old kid.

Be Consistent With Routine

Be consistent across the board — whether it’s with discipline, sleep habits, or mealtime routines. If you at times allow your kid to a thing and then do not allow for the same thing, your child might not understand this and may begin to throw tantrums. Like for one night you allow your child to watch favorite cartoon show sleep an hour late and the next night you do not allow this, all you need to do is to be consistent and have a fix routine.

Establish Good Communication


Good behavior starts with good communication between parent and child. No matter how busy you are but never ignore communicating with each other, ask your kid about his/her day at school, reasons of being upset or how he/she plans the next day. To make the communication a must and getting your kid involved you can simply make any corner of your house as a “Secret Talk Place”, your kid will surely find this concept interesting.

Focus More On Positive Attributes

Honing and yelling for all the negative points might look easy and the way to tell your child what is wrong, but doing this every time is bad. Infact you should focus less on the negative actions and rather look for polite ways to correct them. Always praise your kid for all the good acts and reward him/her with a mommy hug/kiss.

Be Clear About What Is Not Acceptable

Loving and pampering is good till a certain point but passing by mistakes is not a good thing. Be clear about some behaviors that are an absolute “no-no,” such as hitting or other physical aggression, speaking to you in a disrespectful tone or showing arrogance. This is a stage where your child gets into a mould and getting moral values is a must at this stage, especially about what not to do.

Do Not Over Schedule Your Child

In an urge to enhance their personality and make them disciplined do not line up a slew of activities, like dance or music classes, swimming class. Do not shuttle your child between activities infact give him/her time to unwind and get hold of one activity at a time.

Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

Your 5-year-old is still a young child, and may still have behavioral tantrums and meltdowns. Your child might have some ability to discuss and reason but that does not mean that kid is very grown. You need to give your kid a little space and not pressurize for good work. Keep in mind that the kid is still working on skills such as self-control and self-discipline, and don’t expect her to act like a big kid overnight.

Play With Your Child


Do not underestimate the power of play. This is the best way to bond with your child. Infact playing with your kid will give you more time to know about what he/she does at school and observe where your kid’s interest lies. These things when particularly asked are not answered well, but through quality time spent together, opening up with these things becomes easier.

These were some must follow tips. Effective parenting takes time, patience, and love. Happy parenting

Do you have more information to share about parenting a 5 year old child?

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