7 Raagi Recipes Ideas For Seven – Eight Month Old

Ragi is very good for babies as it provides them with fibre and protects them against constipation problems. It is power-packed and one of the best ideas for kids of this age.

  •  Dilute milk and water in a bowl. Take less milk and more water and pour it in a pan. In the bowl take required quantity of ragi (roasted) and add water to it to make a thin paste. Add this paste to diluted milk in the pan and add little sugar or better add jaggery and stir constantly till its little thick. Cool it and feed immidiately so that it doesn’t become very thick.
  •  You can give ragi  with water and fruits like banana or stewed apples or any other vegetable or fruit. This paste is great for breakfast.
  •  If you want your ragi to be 100% pure, then you can buy ragi seeds. Soak them in water for 20minutes and then grind  and filter them. To this paste, add milk with little water, then add jaggery. Heat it and allow it to boil. Make sure that it doesn’t get hard. The thickness depends on the amount of ragi seeds paste added. This paste can be stored in refrigerator for two days. Discard it if the taste becomes sour.
  •  You can mix roasted ragi with cumin seeds powder, hot water and asafoetida (hing). Then you can add various vegetables to it to make a yummy healthy food.
  • Add ragi to formula milk or breast milk. To it add ghee, jiggery and mix well. This is a very good dessert for your little one.
  •  You can make ragi roti. Take half wheat & half ragi powder. Make a roti . Then grind this roti  in a mixer. In a pan add roti, jaggery and water and cook it for a minute. Add milk if you want.
  • Another great breakfast idea is to take one spoon ragi and one spoon oats. To this add a date and half an apple and pressure cook on low flame for 10 minutes. Then purée the mixture by adding a little milk to it.
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