7 Reasons For Abnormal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Reasons For Abnormal Bleeding During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very complex physiological process and involves a lot of body functions to co-ordinate with each other to have a healthy gestation period of 36-40 weeks. Normally, all women experience slight bleeding during the first 2 weeks of conceiving and in the first trimester. However, bleeding is certainly not considered normal during this time but there are several other reasons behind bleeding which are necessarily not a matter of concern for the pregnant woman.



Usually, a pregnant woman is alarmed to experience bleeding as there is a common notion which relates abnormal bleeding during pregnancy with miscarriage. Here are some of the reasons for bleeding during pregnancy which are quite commonly observed in about 20%- 30% women-

Implantation Bleeding-

This happens after the fertilization takes place in the uterine lining and slight blood spotting is observed during this time. This is quite a normal condition and doesn’t calls for much concern but one should definitely concern the doctor and keep them informed.

Sensitivity of the Cervix-

The cervix is normally really sensitive when a woman is pregnant so a slight pelvic examination or intercourse may stimulate the inner lining of the cervix which may cause slight bleeding. This is certainly not a big issue but you should always consult your doctor before making a physical relation as sometimes the exact cause of bleeding is not known until a proper checkup is done.

Ectopic Pregnancy-

This is one of the rare cases when the egg implants in the fallopian tubes and not in the uterus which may lead to induce periods like symptoms and eventually lead to bleeding along with abdominal pain, cramps in the pelvic area. The doctor needs to examine and tell the exact cause of bleeding!



Abruption of Placenta-

This is a very rare case where bleeding occurs to the abnormal abruption of placenta from the uterine lining and leads to heavy bleeding & stomach cramps in the lower abdomen. This usually happens in the later weeks of pregnancy and less than 1% woman experience this kind of abnormality.

Molar Pregnancy-

This is again a possible cause of abnormal bleeding when during pregnancy there is a growth of a mole or tissues instead of embryo. It leads to heavy vaginal bleeding and often grape like clusters of tissue growth are seen in  the uterus in ultra sonography.

Placenta Previa-

This is a unique condition in pregnant woman when placenta covers the cervix partially or fully. In such cases due to the excess pressure on the cervix there is abnormal bleeding. So woman with this problem are advised to take ample rest  and lay flat so as to exert minimum pressure on the cervix.



Actual Miscarriage-

This is the worst nightmare for all pregnant women and occurs possibly in the first trimester itself. It causes heavy bleeding along with blood clots & tissues. It is associated with strong contractions and cramps in the lower abdomen.

Well, most women think that any type of bleeding during pregnancy leads to miscarriage which is not true. But yes the doctor’s advise is predominant in any kind of vaginal bleeding during the whole period of pregnancy!




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