7 Remedies For Cold In Infants

Weather changes always bring about changes in health. This fact is valid for both adults and kids. Babies are no exception. Catching cold is one common health problem.

My baby has faced this every now and then. And nose blocking is followed by default. This becomes a major problem for both baby and mother. Baby cannot sleep well with blocked nose. And sleep deprived babies are very difficult to be handled. :-(.

Medication is a must in this case too. I usually turned to my pediatrician. And later on when the frequency of cold increased, I started wondering how safe these drugs are when they are used so often for my baby.

So, ultimately, I found few solutions after discussing with various experienced ladies I met. Some home remedies, some ayurveda compositions, also some homeopathy suggestions. I am not against allopathy; allopathic medicines have done miracles and proven to be life saving in case of emergencies. But, in mild cases like common cold and infections I prefer avoiding the chemicals as much as possible.

The below are the ones I have tried and followed  and have proved to be successful in infant cold:-

  • Heat a pinch of black pepper powder and mix it with half a spoon of honey and give it to your baby.
  • Tulsi leaves have also proved of great help. Squeeze the tulsi leaves for some juicy extracts. Mix this with 4 drops of ginger syrup and honey. His also helps in common cold in infants.
  • Heat 3-4 garlic pieces, put them all in a thin cotton cloth and tie it into a knot. Rub this knot against the chest of your baby for 2-3 minutes. Do this at least thrice a day until the cold subsides.
  • Boil ajwain in some water. Separate out the ajwain seeds and give 2 spoons of ajwain water.
  • When it is ayurvedic medicines, I always use STEP syrup from VASU brand. This has helped in improvement of the cold in my baby in just 2 days. When my daughter catches cold, I always wait for 2 days before going to my pediatrician. If cold does not get better with STEP, then obviously reach for the doctor.
  • One of my relatives who is a Homeopathy doctor had also mentioned about Bryonia. I have never used this since STEP was already tried and tested earlier for my daughter. I did not change to homeopathy then. But I have heard, Homeopathy works the best in children and infants.
  • For nose blocking, saline nasal drops are the best remedy. They help in breathing to some extent. This is the only one I have used for my daughter and it the mildest one available.

Note: Always consult your doctor.

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