7 Tips For A Budget Birthday Celeberation At Home

7 Tips For A Budget Birthday Celeberation At Home

Whoever thought that birthday celebrations are fun must have been really rich! You need huge amount of money if you want to throw a ‘happening’ birthday party.

From buying invites to decorations and food, birthday parties have the power to make your budget go haywire. But this should not deter you from organizing a nice birthday party for your kid. If you are in a budget constraint but want kids to have some real fun, then the ideas here can be really useful for you.

Plan in Advance

This should be the first thing on your mind when thinking of  throwing a birthday party. Planning well in advance can save you a lot of money.  Decide on a theme and keep an eye on related items available in market. Keep visiting sales as you never know what you may find there. Also keep collecting any toys etc. even the ones that the kids usually discard ( the ones that come free with kid’s things).

Think and make a list of everything from guests to decorations to food and return gifts. If you think of everything ahead then you will be saved from buying anything at the last minute even though it doesn’t fit your budget. Good planning also saves you from buying things on a whim.

The Magic of Home

You are organizing the party at home so why not cook at home as well! Baking a cake a is cheaper than buying a fancy cake from a bakery. Baking your own cake also gives you a lot more options when it comes to flavours and frosting.

Kids don’t really care about the ‘beauty of the cake’ and just want to have some fun. Make a yummy cake and decorate it with simple things that kids love.

You can also make some snacks at home. babypregnancycare has many recipes that kids love and these can be made quickly too.

Simple Decorations

Simple does not mean boring and there is no limit of ideas when it comes to DIY decorations. Make Pinterest your best friend. It is full of amazing decoration ideas. Buy some colourful papers and use them to make buntings. Besides you can by confetti, streamers and balloons.

Don’t go overboard with decorations as in the end it will make you tired. So keep it simple and minimal.

Buy some items that are suitable for many occasions. Choose the colours and themes wisely and invest in some generic decorative items.

Innovative Invites

Another tip that can save you some moolah is to make invitation cards at home.  You can take inspiration from the internet or download some pretty designs, print them and colour them.

If your kid is a little older then you can ask them to make invitation cards. This will give a personal touch and will bring down the expenses as well.

Save Time

A great tip to save both money and time is to offer limited food items. Organizing everything is already a task and cooking a lot will leave you exhausted.

Prepare some quick snacks (preferably finger food) and also include some ready-made items like cold-drinks and ice creams.

Serving Size

Exercise portion control while serving the food. Kids do not eat much so serve less food at first. Anyone who needs more can come back for seconds. This strategy will save a lot of food from going waste and obviously money will be saved in the process.

You can also buy cardboard meal boxes and fill it with food items. Kids will love this arrangement and there will be less mess. These boxes are available at really cheap prices.

Trim Down the guest list

You are throwing a party so its you and your kid who should be deciding on the guests. Never feel pressurized to invite each and every person you know. You don’t need to invite all the classmates of your kid too. Ask the little one to pick the best friends and invite them only.

Do not forget to include some fun games like passing the parcel and musical chair in the party to make kids even happier.

How are you planning your kid’s birthday party?

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