7 Ways To Keep A 1 Year Old Toddler Busy

I see a lot of moms asking these questions. “I can’t find enough ways to keep my toddler busy. Never a moment’s rest. I have to wait till my baby sleeps, then I get to do my chores, etc.” These are common problems with easy solutions. We just need to think of innovative ways to keep our little ones occupied productively.

Since I am a hyper active mom naturally I am always trying to plan ahead. Sometimes I succeed and then again at times I just loose it. But I am always thinking of ways to keeping my son busy.

These are 7 Ways To Keep a 1 year old Toddler busy:

  • Play Dough – Ever since my toddler turned one he has been hooked on to Play Dough. Even at four years now, it is easily his favourite activity. For a toddler try and get hold of non-toxic clay and ensure it doesn’t land up in their mouth.
  • Magnets – A great way to start early learning as well. You get wonderful alphabet and numbers sets. Just stick them all on the fridge and let your child explore them to their hearts content.
  • Bubble Wrap – Though it is a choking hazard and you cannot leave them unsupervised even for a second yet the pleasure of seeing them got phut phut and squealing with delight can make your day.
  • Tower Blocks – Different shapes and colours are very appealing to toddler’s eyes. Use and teach them how to build towers and then bring it all down together. A great technique to learn different shapes and hone their building skills.
  • Colouring – It is the easiest way to keep them occupied for a longer duration. Given them a colouring book and a pack of crayons and you can sit back for a while at least. Of course, the mess is all yours to clear up. Lollzzz
  • Technology Craze – Since all children are hooked on to I – pads and tablets nowadays why not make it creative and fun for them to learn and play whilst using these gadgets? I used to download a lot of nursery rhymes for my son and he could hear them when he fiddled with my phone.
  • Puzzles and Board Games – They are easy and fun and can keep your toddler occupied for a sufficient period of time. Pick out the easy 2 – 4 piece ones initially and then go age wise. Since they are easy for them to do it on their own they tend to enjoy it more and get motivated to play independently.

Toddlers have short attention span. The trick is to keep them occupied for that duration and then move on to the next activity. Many a times you would feel that you spent so long in planning an activity for your toddler and they did not even sit through for a little while. It’s absolutely fine. Shift to something else and then you can always come back later on. Just ensure that it is something that they enjoy so you can always repeat it later on.

Always make sure my toddler is next to you so you can supervise and watch over them. If your child puts objects in their mouth, some of these ideas would not be good to play with. Please use discretion. Know what is best for your child and accordingly allow them to play.

How do you manage to keep you toddler busy?

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