7 Ways To Make Your Baby Laugh

7 Ways To Make Your Baby Laugh


Your baby is the love of your life and there is nothing that gives you more happiness than seeing your baby smile. Babies have this knack of making anyone and everyone smile. Even the grumpiest person cannot help but let out a grin observing your baby doing their cute antics. Babies are uninhibited and no have no reservations whatsoever. Anything and everything can make them laugh heartily and that certainly is a wonderful gift.



Some Tried and Tested Ways by me to make my baby grin and giggle like crazy:

  • Work at making them giggle – Talk, talk and talk some more. It doesn’t have to be all meaningful and make sense all the time. Sometimes just saying absolutely nonsensical stuff to your little one can cheer them up no end and that giggle outburst will surely make your day.
  • Water – 99% babies love water and anything to do with it. Whether it’s blowing bubbles or spraying light spurts of water it is sure to make them laugh and love this trick anytime. You may get tired of it at some point however your baby won’t.
  • Paper – I know of little ones who can just break into a giggle the minute you start tearing a strip of paper. Getting them to be a part of this trick is even better. There’s nothing more they would enjoy than to be allowed to make a mess and giggle whilst doing so.
  • Gurgling Sounds –If they can do it and like it, trust me so will you. A loud Brrrr sound on their tummy will surely get them to laugh uncontrollably. It’s a lot of fun if you allow them to do it you and make squealy sounds just like they do.



  • Magic Tricks – My husband does this a lot with my son and he absolutely adores it. He takes a coin and then pretends he is taking it out from behind his ears or from his hair. My son is in splits as my husband is wooshing and abracadabra and tugging at his ears to pull out the coin. Lollzzz
  • Humming Sounds – Start from a distance and slowly inch towards your little one with your fingers moving slowly in his direction. The anticipation that builds is sure to make them laugh aloud and to finish it just give a poke on their ticklish areas.
  • The Bean Bag Ride – We did this a lot when my son was younger. We used to place him on the bean bag and rotate it at a mild speed. We would sing along Up Up Away we go, in the magical land to and fro… lollzzzz.. Even we enjoyed this trick.



Babies are little persons with great understanding for human emotions. If your state of mind is happy that will automatically reflect on your baby’s mood. And of course, like for anything else regarding parenting there are no hard and fast rules here too. Just go with your instinct on how to handle your baby. As a parent they would love you no matter what and if you give them well deserved time and attention nothing can stop them from being happy and delighted always.

What are your ways and tricks to make your baby smile and be cheerful at all times? Share your tips.

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