7 Ways To Prepare Yourself & Your Home For A Baby

7 Ways To Prepare Yourself & Your Home For A Baby

Every mother goes through the anticipation of her new born baby’s arrival! The wait & the pain is excruciating and it cannot be expressed through any emotion! It can just be felt! You are nervous with how the life will unfold after your baby’s arrival but excited to embark on this new journey of life! There is a lot of confusion & hundreds of questions running behind this life changing event!

As it is always said by all those experienced moms out there, that nothing can prepare you for your new born unless they arrive in your life! No amount of books you read or you hear stories from elders or friends will tell you that now you are prepared!

It is just when the baby is in your hands, you feel that instinct, may be a just a little passing emotion, that you are going to take care of the new life with all your heart!

Well, there are some really useful piece of advice I have often heard and experienced myself which I would really like to share just to keep in mind and follow what you believe truly will help you prepare more for motherhood and the baby!

1. Keeping The House Clean

Hygiene is of prime importance when you are about to bring a baby home! Keep the house clean & disinfected prior to your baby’s arrival! If your house is infected with any pests, get immediate help from pest control much before you bring the baby home!

2. Importance of Healthy Food

Try to stock up on healthy food items rather than frozen foods because you might not want to get any health issue while you are breastfeeding your baby! Try taking light meals every 2-3 hours to remain energetic enough to breastfeed your baby and also be active on the personal front!

3. Feeding The Baby

Whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding your child sometimes, make sure that you properly sterilize the bottles and also make sure the plastic bottle are quality products safe for children! The breast pump should be properly cleaned before use! Anything used to feed the baby should be properly sterilized before use because it may cause infection in infants!

4. Stocking The Baby Essentials!

This include newborn baby clothes, wraps, blankets, cradle, diapers, wipes and everything which you will need before you bring the baby home! Don’t over stock any of these items as babies tend to grow very fast in their initial months!

5. Buy Yourself New Clothes!

Now that the baby is finally in your arms, you can ditch the extra size clothes and buy some new clothes for yourself! Do not wear too tight clothes even after delivery but yes keep it comfortable for yourself! Invest in good maternity bra so as to make breastfeeding easy for you!

6. Buy a baby Monitor

You do not need to be near the baby 24*7 if you have kept a separate room for the new born! Buy a baby monitor and it will help you in relaxing a bit without worrying about your baby waking up! It will also leave you with ample time for yourself while you are watching your favorite tv show/ movie or spending time with your partner apart from the baby!

7. Don’t Panic

Always let things go in the flow! Do not overthink anyone’s advice and panic! Let things come naturally to you and act on them instead of getting angry on others! Try to do the things you love! This will help you to do your motherly chores easy and joyful!

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