70 Pairs Of Rhyming Names For Twins


70 Pairs Of Rhyming Names For Twins

Naming twins or triplets is very exciting for every parent. Naming a individual baby is so challenging. When it  is more babies together, then naming becomes even more difficult. Quite a lot of queries and confusions revolve around the parent’s mind.

Should the names rhymes? Should the  name begin with the same initial? Or should they mean same? Or rather should they contrast? Well, rhyming names is the most common option parents decide for their twins.

And, here are some pairs for rhyming names to help you choose from. The list consists of Indian names for twins.



Twin Boy Names

  • Rakshith and Deekshith
  • Ramesh and suresh
  • Ranjith and Sanjith
  • Rajath and sujath
  • Dheeraj and Neeraj
  • Sathvik and Hrithvik
  • Hrithvik and Hrithik
  • Harish and sathish
  • Shreyas and Yashas
  • Amith and Sumith
  • Lav and Khush
  • Lakshy and Lavy
  • Keshav and Raghav
  • Amogh and suyog
  • Bhima and shama
  • Madhav and Manav
  • Rathish and Girish
  • Sandeep and Pradeep
  • Sonu and Monu
  • Rama and Shama
  • Somesh and Umesh
  • Prashanth and Sushanth
  • Srinath and Srikanth
  • Rakesh and Rathish
  • Vijay and Vinay
  • Vinod and Pramod
  • Sujay and Sanjay
  • Sanjeev and Rajeev
  • Shamanth and Hemanth
  • Rohith and Mohith
  • Abhijeeth and Manjeeth
  • Ajay and Sujay
  • Anil and Sunil
  • Manoj and Saroj
  • Sadanand and Ramanand

Twin Girl Names

  • Aditi and Niyati
  • Avani and Shivani
  • Amogha and Anagha
  • Ritu and Nitu
  • Seema and Reema
  • Nisha and Isha
  • Rishika and Hansika
  • Ishika and Nishika
  • Kavya and Navya
  • Sushma and Reshma
  • Chandana and Sinchana
  • Sushmitha and Yashmitha
  • Seetha and Geetha
  • Deepthi and Trupthi
  • Priya and Supriya
  • Rashmitha and Nanditha
  • Rashmi and Sushmi
  • Ramya and Soumya
  • Rita and Nita
  • Monica and Sonica
  • Manisha and Monisha
  • Harshitha and Dishitha
  • Mridula and Bahula
  • Samana and Namana
  • Raksha and Deeksha
  • Sangeetha and Sunitha
  • Vinutha and Vanitha
  • Vidya and Divya
  • Swathi and Moti
  • Deepa and Roopa
  • Radhika and Deepika
  • Suruchi and Sunithi
  • Ranjitha and Nanditha
  • Sahana and Suhana
  • Sandhya and Vandhya

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