8 Baby Foods To Be Avoided For 4-12 Months Babies

8 Baby Foods To Be Avoided For 4-12 Months Babies

A caution should always be provided while feeding your baby. Giving heavy foods might cause serious damage to your baby’s digestive system. There are chances of your child becoming permanently allergic to some food even after they grow if given at the early age.

The paediatricians usually guide to feed only breast milk till 6 months of age. But it is a practice to start light foods at the 4th month.

There are few foods which have to be avoided till the baby reaches one year. Here go the list of it.

List of baby foods that has to be avoided for babies of 4 to 12months

  • Cow’s Milk: Few parents feel that Cow’s milk with more fat is good for baby’s growth. This actually is not good for your baby. The cow’s milk is heavy and cannot be digested by the small digestive system and can cause serious damage to the digestive and excretory system of your baby. Stick to breast milk or any baby milk formulas.
  • Cheese and Butter: Same like the cow’s milk, any cheese and butter becomes heavy to your child and also difficulty in swallowing.
  • Sugar and Salt: Your child does not require both sugary stuffs and salt. Sugar is one of the reasons for baby colic and tummy pains. Whenever the food needs to be sweetened add banana pulp or jaggery. Excess salt makes your child’s urine more concentrated which is harmful for the kidney.
  • Caffeinated drinks: Coffee or any soft drinks including sodas. These are nothing but poison for your baby.
  • Nuts: Solid nuts like peanuts, cashews or almonds are not chewable by your child. Also it becomes dangerous for baby to swallow it. After 8 months of age you can make a semi paste of theses nuts along with any fruits and vegetables.
  • Junk Foods: Junk foods, chocolates or any crispy chips cause loose motions and vomiting in babies. Also baby’s appetite gets reduced.
  • Spice: Do not even make your baby lick any spicy foods. Even a small amount of spice burns their tummy including the soft lips and tongue.
  • Citric acid: Do not feed excess citrus food. It causes colic and acidity in your child.

Apart from above listed food, keep in your mind not to pressurize any food on your baby. If there is difficulty in eating any baby food, stop for once and start again after a month or so. Also do not over feed any food even though it is healthy.

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