8 Best Purees Recipes For Babies

Purees are the best way to feed your baby the healthy foods. It allows variety of taste and easy swallowing too. Purees are one of the best first foods for babies; it can be fruit purees, vegetable puree or leaf puree. Purees are more or less like soups as we adults usually like to have.

Here are the possible purees you can introduce to your baby.

Apple Puree:

Apples when introducing for the first time for the baby, it is always better to boil. Peel the outer cover of the apple, boil, and the blend in a mixing jar. You can add a variety of other flavours and if needed mix it with other fruit purees too.


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Banana Puree:

Most babies like banana. Since they are soft it is easy to introduce bananas to babies. Banana also help in bowel movements thus reducing the risk of constipation.

Chop banana into small pieces and blend into smooth paste. Blended banana will be very thick as it is. So you will have to thin down the consistency before serving it to your baby. Add sugar, cardamom or any other flavour you feel suitable for your baby.

Chicco Puree:(Manilkara zapota)


Chicco as a fruit is highly nutritious. But some babies easily catch cold with chicco. So as a part of our responsibility try introducing chicco by mixing small amounts of chicco puree with other fruit puree. Apple and Chicco make a great combination.

Carrot Puree:

Carrot is the first vegetable for babies. The high contents of Vitmanin A is the prime reason to introduce carrots to babies. Peel the outer layer of carrot, wash thoroughly under running water, chop them into coins, and boil the carrot coins in water. Once completely boiled blend it in the mixer jar. Add more flavours into the puree if required.



Spinach Puree:

Spinach is a fibrous food babies will need. The multi nutrients in spinach will help in the growth and development of baby. To make spinach puree, you will have to blanch the spinach leaves in water, then blend it to make the finest pate puree. Add salt and yougurt/buttermilk for a different taste.



You can read here for more spinach recipe ideas. You can also try a spinach drink recipe discussed here.

Tomato Puree Soup:

Tomato is slightly acidic. Hence tomato recipes are suitable for slightly older babies, one year and above. Here is a tasty soup recipe for your baby to enjoy.

Capsicum – Tomato Soup Recipe. Read here.



Chickpea – Tomato Soup Recipe. Read here.


Do you give purees to your baby? Please share your puree recipes with us.

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