8 Fun Activities For Toddlers

8 Fun Activities For Toddlers

Toddlers are extremely energetic kids and with their constant development always long for doing something interesting out if curiosity and imagination. Till they are babies, mothers keep wishing for them to develop soon so as to take care of themselves to an extent and when they grow to being toddlers, they constant keep their family on toes for the lack of enough activities to engage them and meet their growing quest for knowledge and limitless imaginative power!

So here are a list of activities that moms can utilize to keep their toddlers engaged in some constructive work rather than getting bored and throwing tantrums!

Playing Games-

Usually all the toddlers love this game especially girls who pretend to have their dolls as the baby and they being mom managing everything. They cook, wash clothes, dress up their dolls give them a bath and so on! This is quite an engaging game for them and they absolutely enjoy doing it every now and then!

Role Play-

This is yet another interesting activity which toddlers enjoy, they love to play popular roles like that of a doctor, policemen, teacher, or someone in the family like mom or dads and sometimes even grandparents! Checking the pulse, putting the thermometer, checking copies and giving grades, assuming to teach with the blackboard is surely a favorite pastime for many toddlers!

Color & Painting Activities-

Many toddlers love to be on the creative side and explore the arts on their own level. They work on sheets which includes coloring & painting objects or drawing anything out of their own imagination.

Art & Craft Activities-

There are so many art and craft activities which toddlers can engage themselves for a great fun time. Making objects like paper boats, airplanes, flowers and many other decorative materials is also a great option as a hobby as well as a cult favorite activity to do something creative.

Play Dough Activity-

This is yet another form of discovering the creative self in toddlers as they tend to learn molding the dough into several creative objects like birds, butterflies, shapes and other fun things!

Stacking and Building Activities-

This is another innovative way to make the toddlers find themselves making something out of their own imagination like a house or a car, bus etc. Building blocks are super fun and engaging activity for any toddler!

Water Sports / Swimming Activities-

Moms can also administer their kids to enjoy the super fun water sports in their garden specially during the summer season! These can be done in a rubber inflated pool of water or the swimming area of your apartment, but under strict guidance of parents and guardians! Try and your kid won’t come out soon!

Playing Puzzle Games-

Puzzles are super fun for toddlers who love to arrange objects. Its interesting to actually witness how they use their imagination in solving a particular puzzle.

Well, these were some of the best and easy activities which toddlers will thoroughly enjoy during the summer vacation holidays and other days when they are not into the regular stuff and want a change of routine.

Have you tried these activities for your toddlers?

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