8 Great Ideas for Gifting Presents to New Moms


Great Ideas for Gifting Presents to New Moms


New mothers are heavily engaged with a routine life of diaper-changing, feeding the baby and managing other chores of the house. So, if a close friend or family member has just been given this responsibility of being a ‘mother’, you should gift her with something that will make her happy and please her immeasurably. Here are some of the finest ideas to surprise a new mother with your present.

Gifting a ‘Nook Color’:

A new mother enters a life of sleepless nights feeding her young one. If you gift her book she will need light and that will probably wake the baby. Distract her by gifting a ‘Nook Color’ which is light in weight and can be help easily with a single hand. It additionally features backlight so that night time reading is possible. You have the bonus of downloading books for kids in this device.

Gifting Clothes:

The fashion world is paying due attention to mothers who want to retain their style. You can shop for exclusive lining of clothes for new moms and if you are in a hurry, try the ‘floaty top’ for her. It is extremely comfortable and it flatters the entire personality and can be worn to any special occasion. It also allows breastfeeding and cover up the post-baby belly.



Custom Made ‘Mommy’ Necklace:

A good way to celebrate motherhood is to present her with a chic, custom made ‘mommy’ necklace. This piece of jewellery is available at a cost-effective price range and especially the ones in sterling silver is a uniquely designed stylish item. The advantage here for mothers is that as the family grows, she can keep adding more charms to the necklace.



Something for the Skin:

A mother’s skin after delivery is not at all normal. You can gift her a body scrub and help her regain her original skin. There are many varieties of body scrubs available in various flavours like vanilla, white grapefruit and sea salt (pink). You should also be able to baby sit while she is trying to get back her skin.



Spa for Relaxing:

Mothers hardly have time to sit back and relax. And this can cause serious physical problems to them. A useful gift for a new mom could be pampering her body at the nearest spa. It could include a minor facial or massage or you could arrange for a full body massage- just make sure that it is a relaxing experience for her.




Decorative Coin Purse:             

Mothers face lots of difficulty in extracting things form her huge bags while shopping. You can help make her easily carry her money and credit cards separately by gifting her this uniquely designed purse. The attractive colors also engage the baby and keep him/her occupied while the mother is shopping. Just ensure that the baby does not open up the purse!



Fashionable Slipper Boots:

These boots can be used for wearing outdoors as well as indoors without any problem. They are snuggly, making it comfortable for the mother to wear them while carrying the baby’s weight on her. Stylish yet comfortable, these boots should definitely be a part of a new mom’s wardrobe.

Sweatshirt Comfort:

Make the new mom feel good about her figure and her overall style sense by gifting her a sweatshirt. This trendy outfit fits well within your budget and is designed specifically for mothers to feed their babies without any trouble wearing the sweatshirt.



Apart from these ideas, you can also consider simpler gifts for the new mom but these will definitely make her happy and cheer her up while she is going through an exhaustive phase in her life.

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