8 Nursing Essentials For The Breastfeeding Mommy

Nursing Essentials for the Breastfeeding Mommy

As natural as breastfeeding your baby may seem, you need to be well equipped so that you are able to enjoy the experience to the fullest without any aches, pains, or discomfort. Here is a list of must haves that you will never regret in investing in!

1. Nursing Brassieres

Nursing bras come usually in two styles:

  • Wrap/Pullover bras: These bras are worn like a sports bra and have a wrap in the front to enable access for feeding. Here is how this bra type looks like:



  • Bras with an opening front: These bras look like ordinary bras. However, the front of the bra can be easily detached for access during feeding. Here is how this kind of bra looks like:



Here are some tips on buying the right kind of nursing bra for yourself:

  • Remember your breast size/cup size will change once the milk begins to flow in, so in your third trimester, buy only one or two bras. Buy more once you actually start breastfeeding.
  • Buy comfortable cotton bras without underwire or synthetic padding, and that support you well – you will be wearing nursing bras 24/7 so comfort is of most importance.
  • Stick to black or beige colors so that they go with all your clothes.

2.  Nursing Pads

Once the milk flows in, you are going to have leaks even if you are feeding and/or pumping regularly. Always wear these pads or have them handy to avoid getting your clothes wet.

The following kinds of nursing pads are available:

  • Washable/Reusable Nursing Pads: Many brands such as Avent, Lansinoh, Medela etc. make reusable pads. The advantage of these is that they are cost effective. However, care should be taken to wash them separately and periodically discard them for hygiene purpose.You can get them from flipkart here



  • Disposable Nursing Pads: Again, available in a range of brands, these are good for travel etc. They are more hygienic as well.



3. Nursing Tops/Dresses

You need comfortable tops or dresses where the front is in such a way that allows accessibility for feeding. Trust me, it is a pain to lift normal T shirts and tops during feeding. Remember to stick to dark colors so that leaks do not embarrass you! Some examples of such nursing wear are:




4. Nipple Cream/Balm

Even if your baby has a great latch, the frequent feeding does tend to cause some abrasion to the nipple area as they are not used to so much hard work :-D! This one is an essential. I have tried Lansinoh and it worked like magic always.



5. Feeding Pillow

If you want to avoid constant backaches and wrong body posture due to stooping, you must invest in a feeding pillow. The pillow is carved in such a way that it fits around your body and then you can place your baby on it for the ideal distance and positioning. There are many brands available out of which Boppy seems to be quite popular. This pillow was my number one feeding companion (after my baby ofcourse). You can buy slip covers which are washable. By the way, you can also use this pillow to position your baby during tummy time or giving support while sitting during the later months.

Can be purchased from here


6. Feeding Station at Home

It is surprising the amount of time you spend nursing your baby. It is not some quick task that can be accomplished anywhere and everywhere – atleast not on a daily basis. You need a place that is quiet and comfortable to ensure maximum bonding. Invest in a good chair with an adjustable back – a rocking chair is also great. Have a stool so that your legs are not left hanging. Finally, have a lot of extra pillows stacked up for exclusively your use. A set up like this would be optimal.



7. Nursing Cover

Not that breastfeeding in public is a taboo but you might end up feeling shy if your baby demands milk in the parking lot, in a mall, at a doctor’s clinic, in flights or in any such public place. The nursing cover ensures that you can meet your baby’s demand without feeling embarrassed about exposure. Also, here’s a tip. If you are too bored of the long hours of feeding, you can join your family in the TV room for a movie while feeding the baby, using the cover!



8. Breast Pump

Based on your individual requirements, you might need a breast pump. However, it is recommended to buy a pump once your feeding pattern is established so that you can correctly gauge what your exact need would be.

The following kinds of breast pumps are available:

  • Manual pump: This is the less expensive type of pump and serves well if you need to pump milk for an occasional day or evening out. It is not very efficient but serves the purpose of having to pump only once or twice during a week.


  • Electric pump: This is quite expensive and we suggest this if you are really sure. Many hospitals offer electric pump on rent basis and it may be a good idea to try it out before investing in it. Electric pump begins a necessity if you plan to pump on a regular basis (for example, for working moms). They are every efficient and help you to continue feeding your milk to the baby for a much longer time.

Can be purchased from here



Finally, there’s something that you need that money can’t buy. And that is oodles of patience! We are sure you will derive all the patience you need from the love you have for your little cherub. Happy Nursing!

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