8 Tips For Photographing Sleeping Babies

8 Useful Tips for Photographing Sleeping Babies


Isn’t it beautiful to watch your little bundle of joy curled up in their bed? I know many of you would say yes to this because it gives you some “Me” time But, I’m not talking about “Me” time here. In fact it’s the opposite of what you think. It’s about stirring up the photographer in you. You already have a snap of his first roll over, his pearly whites and many more firsts like these. But, have you documented his sleep much? Let’s see how we can help you out there!



8 Tips for shooting a sleeping baby/toddler

Nothing in this world can be as cute as a sleeping baby; I wish we adults could look even half as cute as babies do. Babies look nothing less than angels while they are asleep. There are a few things you can do to capture some amazingly beautiful snaps of your baby that would calm you down in any situation.

  • Make sure baby has been fed well and is resting in her usual place and the room is warm and comfortable
  • Change her dress to the one you want her to be photographed in before putting her to sleep
  • If you are going to use a DSLR then do all the fiddling with the settings outside the room or if you are using your phone then put it on silent mode
  • Do not use flash for taking photographs. If the lights are low up the settings of ISO in your camera (this trick works for your phone camera as well, I’m assuming it’s a minimum of 5 megapixels at least)
  • You can also use night lamps to create a nice warm glow effect in the room. You can even light up a lamp and target to the ceiling so that there is a soft reflection in the room
  • Get creative. Don’t just take pictures of your baby sleeping. If you have some idea in mind make sure that everything is ready before you begin
  • Babies don’t stay in the same position for too long so click more than one picture, even if it’s repetitive
  • Be very quick while taking the snaps as you might miss out on something interesting if you linger too long over the perfect settings



Get Creative!

I know it’s super easy to just go into your baby’s room and click away. But, if you want to create some memorable snaps or pictures that speak volume about your baby’s habits then you need to get a bit creative. Don’t just take pictures of her sleeping face. You could also focus on how she crosses her legs while asleep. Or maybe how he pulls over the blanket over his head while sleeping. When my baby was just one month old he had this habit of putting his feet up in the air and sleep. So, I took a lot of pictures to get this small little detail of him. Or else I would take his pictures curled up with his favourite soft toy and sometimes when I couldn’t get up I would just content myself with a shot of him holding my hand in his sleep.

So, what I am basically trying to say is that you need to compose your picture wisely. And if you are a seasoned photographer then your creative juices might already be overflowing with genius ideas. But, if you need some inspiration google for Queenie Liao and browse through the pictures taken by her. I’m telling you this beforehand that you will be overwhelmed with her creativity.

Don’t believe me! Check it out for yourself



So, the gist of the whole article is while you are taking pictures of your little one don’t just focus on his face, try to capture the details so you have a memory of a lifetime You can even document his sleep patterns over the years or maybe a month What say? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Let us know if you have done something like this for your baby.

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