8 Tips To Wear Maternity Wear & 8 Cute Maternity Wear Ideas

I remember my cousion’s who were 10-15 years elder to me use to wear gowns or oversized and misshapen clothes.They use to look so huge and unattractive .Thank God those days have passed now.I feel happy seeing women nowadays looking fashionable and so beautiful while being pregnant.It represent the change in attitude towards pregnancy and ofcourse the fact that Indian fashion has arrived.

Recently one of my friend was sharing how  a bank employee  was working till the last day of her pregnancy and then delivered a baby one day later.Nevertheless there women want to keep it stylish as well professional while they do so.

We have Shef on our baby blog who writes about her pregnancy update every week.You can read all her posts here.She mostly buy her maternity wear Mothercare and Motherhood and these are the tips  one needs to keep in mind while  choosing her maternity wear :-

 So here we go with the Tips To Wear Matenrity Wear:-

1)It’s always better to go for A -line or empire- waist shirts and dresses.Reason being that they tend to flow away from the tummy.Also these last you whole of your pregnancy so it will cost you less and you do not have to worry about discarding them.You can wear your A line tops after giving birth also when you still have that baby weight around.

2)Don’t limit yourself to one or two maternity stores.There are many retailers who offer maternity lines.Nowadays one has many online stores also which carry wide variety of maternity wear. Infact till 5-6 months you can easily buy from plus size clothing stores as well.They have trendy and very feminine and comfortable wear.

3)If you are pregnant in the winter months which I think are the best months as one can enjoy lot of food.One can buy inexpensive tank tops and T-shirts to wear underneath and layer it with denim jackets etc.

4)I loved wearing yoga pants and sports bra when  home.Also if you are short and on the plus size then just stick to knee level dresses.Anything longer will make you look short .

5) Always go for soft and flowing material

6)Belt always give shape to your body .You can see below how Shef has made use of belts.It makes her look so adorable.You just need to fasten just beneath your bust to accentuate your ribcage .You can even tie a pink or a polka dot ribbon instead.

7)Use lot of accessories as chunky jewellery helps in balancing out your overall look.Try to draw attention from your rear by using handbags which falls on your waist.

8)Capri and 3/4th pants are difficult to pull off .You can wear them in the initial month but in the later months it gets uncomfortable too.

Do you have any maternity wear ideas to share? Let us know in the comment section below

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