8 Ways To Encourage Good Behaviour In Toddler/Child

8 ways to encourage good behaviour in babies

When your baby turn 1 and starts shouting for candies and throws the household things here and there, you know it’s time to start teaching you kid discipline. Most parents confuse disciple with punishment but the origin of the word is “to teach”. At this age it is actually good to introduce your child to the “right” and “wrong” things. You must do something so that your kid understands his or her limit and the difference between what is ‘good’ and what is bad’. But never be harsh on your kid because that’ll have a negative boomerang effect on the child psychology making the kid all the more peevish, obstinate and stubborn.




You can teach your baby discipline with these strategies

Distract your child

Control the urge to shout at your child when he misbehaves because your tone will make him upset. Instead quickly stop him and get him engaged in some other activity. For example if he is moving up the sofa, calmly move him away and put him on the ground and start playing with him or take him for a walk out into the lawn. That’ll work amazingly indeed

Do not give into his demands.

You might think that giving your crying child chocolates would calm him down and is pretty harmless. But that might prove to be a mistake. Giving into your child demands encourages him to do the same thing again and receive the same thing and it becomes a habit for him then. If he doesn’t get it or if any of his demands aren’t fulfilled he’ll throw tantrums in the house. So it is utterly vital to let him know what you can give and how much you can give and that’ll indeed curb his unjust demands

Do not deny him things every time

Do not however keep saying ‘NO’ to your child every time as he may get used to that word and start using that word with you when he doesn’t want something. This might become a problem while feeding him. Say “No” for situations only where there is a concern for safety.

Showing him how to do stuffs

Babies will understand more when you yourself give a demo instead of telling them what to do. If your child is doing something wrong then instead of telling him, show him the correct thing to do. For example, if your child is brushing his teeth in the wrong manner, show him the right way by doing it together with him.

Praise his positive behaviour

Sometimes babies misbehave because they do not know how to behave in the right manner. They require parent’s attention, and thus it is important for parents to show them that you are pleased with them when they do the right thing. You can take the help of gestures like clapping, taking them into your lap, cuddling them, or giving them a warm hug to express that you are pleased with them

Keep Promises

Stick to agreements. If you have promised that you will buy him candies if he behaves properly when guests are around, make sure you do that. This helps your child feel more secured, because it makes a consistent and predictable environment for him. Also he learns the quality or value of honesty

Make your baby feel important

Children love it when they can contribute to something in the family. Tell them to do some basic and simple stuff like helping mom in keeping the fruits in the basket, or moving something from one place to another. Tell them to pick up clothes and drop them in the washing machine. This will make them feel important and they will take pride in doing these things


Maintain a sense of humour with your child. Making noise of monsters and ticking him helps. This is a way of diffusing tension and conflict. Humour that has the parent and baby laughing are great. Your baby will stop his fussiness and start enjoying your company.

These strategies can help you avoid negative things like scolding, hitting and whining in the house and definitely your baby will grow up to be a decent well behaved kid in no time.

What are your ways of encouraging good behavior in your child?

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