8 Ways to Stop Yelling At your Child/Toddler

How to stop yelling at your child

Young children can be irritating as well as adorable. When a 1 year old keeps getting into the kitchen in spite of you telling him repeatedly not to do that, it is easy for you to become irritated and yell. But losing patience and bellowing at your child ultimately upsets everyone including your child, and then what follows is guilt.


Here are a few tips to stop yelling at your child and keep the atmosphere at your home pleasant.


  • It drives one person crazy if your kid litters the house with all kinds of foods stuffs. You can easily avoid such a situation by keeping those food stuffs, boxes, canisters out of the baby’s reach which in a way will ‘baby proof’ those and stop you from losing your temper.
  • Keep note of the time of the day when your mood remains sour and you are the busiest with the household chores.  For instance, if you are impatient in the morning then let your spouse handle your child and keep him busy
  • You must always be aware of the fact that you are dealing with a kid who is too small to understand things. So it is your duty to keep your cool. Often as parents our expectation levels from our kids cross all limits. We forget that they are only little ones and hence when the children don’t turn up to our expectations, it is bound to make us frustrated and thus yell on our child. Therefore while expecting anything from your child keep in mind his age
  • Often what happens is if kids keep disturbing in the midst of some important stressful task you tend to lose your patience and shout at them. So a wise step would be to finish off these tasks when your kid is away, for instance in play school or is asleep. By the time he wakes up or returns you will be free and can have a quality time with your kid
  • Temper cooling mantras can work amazingly too. When you feel that you are about to yell at the kid slowly chant the mantras to yourself. One could be like “My Only Kid, Still Very Small”. You’ll definitely feel that you are cooling down.
  • When you feel that you are becoming impatient and can yell at your child any moment, you can also try doing things like taking long deep breaths and closing your eyes for at least 2-3 minutes. That’ll pacify you certainly. Also distracting yourself by going for a short jog can help. Even you can try those squeezing balls that Executives use for quelling their temper. Even Parents too can use those to calm themselves down.
  • Another way of controlling your irritation and stopping yourself from yelling could be shifting your child to safe place where there’s no risk for him or leaving him in the company of Nanny and moving out of the room for some time. You can return once you feel that you are in a position not to yell again.
  • Change the way you speak; i.e. switch to low volume and then it’ll become a habit for you and you won’t be prone to yelling so easily.
  • So these are some tips by following which you can indeed stop yelling at your child and have a pleasant mom-child relationship

    Do you yell at your child?

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