9 Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy

9 Benefits Of Exercising During Pregnancy


Pregnancy as it is a new change happening to your body. On top of that if someone tries to lecture you on the benefits of exercising during pregnancy, you just want to club that person right?? Well, we don’t blame you however we have done some research and collated some data which actually implies the advantages of working out while you are pregnant. If you are already in the habit of a regime of staying fit and healthy then you would enjoy doing the same during pregnancy as well. However, if you aren’t once you learn about how wonderful it is you won’t regret it and it will continue for a lifetime.



Some Benefits of maintaining a fitness regime during pregnancy:-

  • Overall Less Weight Gain – It is a proven fact that if you exercise during pregnancy you are not going to be prone to excessive weight gain since your body is fit and active.
  • More Energy and Strength – Being pregnant can be very exhausting. Doing a regular work out can give you the extra boost of energy when you would most need it.
  • Chances of Normal Delivery Higher – There is no guarantee, however 75% of women who are active and work out will have a normal delivery. They can avoid intervention like forceps or c-section.
  • Labour could be Shorter – Some studies show that women who regularly worked out during their pregnancy had almost 2 hours of less labour duration. Beat That!
  • Pre-natal classes are a great way to not just form a regime but also to meet and connect with new moms. The exercises taught by experts are amazing and very beneficial in aiding an easier and less painful delivery.
  • Better Rest and Sleep – It Is simple logic. If you are tired after a good workout chances are you shall sleep better and comfortably at night. Having all those extra baby pounds makes it very trying to find a good sleeping position.
  • Reduced Back Pain and Other Aches – You are less likely to cry from back ache if you are exercising and keeping your weight in check. Yoga works like a charm especially in the second trimester as the baby grows rapidly.
  • Feel Good Factor – If you are in shape during pregnancy and continue the routine post baby you will start enjoying your mommyhood even more. Being called a hot mommy is a huge compliment and boosts your moral tremendously.
  • Calm and Content – When you exercise it shows. Not just on your body but also on your skin. There is a definite glow on your face and you look your best in all glory.



So all you new moms don’t wait or procrastinate. If you exercise you are more likely to enjoy this new phase and get used to your new lifestyle. Having a routine is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. You get new found strength to handle a baby and you don’t end up cribbing about new responsibilities. If your mind and body are active you tend to be more cheerful and happy about your situation.

Did you exercise during your pregnancy? How was the experience? Did you enjoy yourself and continued after your baby was born?

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