9 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Baby to Rhymes

9 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Baby to Rhymes

As a kid I was fascinated by the world of rhymes and would love to sing them along with my mom. Enacting the rhymes, singing, laughing and playing along with my mum was fun and priceless and I long to establish a similar kind of relationship with my son.

An early introduction of letters, numbers, shapes, colours and words through rhymes helped me learn new things in a much easier way. Many scientific studies have already shown that rhymes are good for the brain. Constant repetition of these fun and lovely rhymes help young minds to enhance their capability of memorising. Besides that it also helps them learn language and develop reading skills. They learn to connect words with symbols and actions much before they have started formal training at school. Above all, you being the primary teacher, it helps you develop a stronger bond with your baby.

By singing rhymes to your toddlers at an early stage you are setting a stronger foundation for him/her to learn and read at a later stage. So, how should you introduce your little ones or even your baby to the amazing world of fun, learning and imagination? Let me share a few tips with you that have helped me develop a liking for rhymes in my toddler who just completed his first birthday this month

  • When I was pregnant with my baby I would sing my favourite nursery rhymes whenever I was in a good mood to sing
  • Once my baby was born I would make it a point to sing him a few of my favourite rhymes before putting him to sleep
  • I would even sing nursery rhymes to him while massaging
  • Once he turned 4 months old I introduced him to board books of rhymes with colourful pictures
  • After a few months when he started crawling and sitting on his own I bought a few musical toys that had nursery rhymes in them
  • When he entered his 10th month I would let him watch a few of the good rhymes for some ten to twenty minutes
  • From the past one month (when he turned 11 months) I started enacting the rhymes like “If you are happy and you know it” and “One, two, buckle my shoe”
  • When we go out I would point at things naming them and sometimes also singing a rhyme if there was one. For example, when I show him the rain I always sing to him “Rain rain go away”
  • Another thing that I always do is to repeat the rhymes or words along with the musical toy

Doing all these things have helped my son to a great extent and I hope he continues to love these. At present he instantly recognises different rhymes and already has a few of them as his favourite. He has even begun to associate words and actions, for example the moment I start “if you are happy and you know it clap your hands”, he would start clapping his hands with a big smile on his face. As he grows up I would introduce more ways to help him learn through rhymes

If you are a busy mom these tips would also help you bond well and spend some quality time with your kid at any time of the day. Do share your own ways of introducing rhymes to your babies.

How did you introduce rhyme to your baby?

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