9 Must Haves When On A Road Trip With Toddler

9 Must Haves When On A Road Trip With Toddler


This one is going to be interesting to write and share my experiences. So as I sat feeding my baby one evening, hubby comes back from work and says – “Baby let’s do a road trip”!

I looked at him highly amused and said yeah sure, I thought he was trying to be funny so I played along. His next response was classic. Great! Am so glad you agreed so easily, let’s start planning once you put baby to bed. Well, now he recolects that my expression was classic, I think I agree with him. Once my little guy was asleep I ran to the bedroom and asked him was he serious and where exactly was he planning to head off with a 6 month old. He was of course smiling away and asked me to calm down and we shall plan it properly and we have loads of time.



Over the next two months I was a complete wreck. Planning, re planning on how to go about dos and don’ts with a toddler on the road etc. Yeah I did try to constructively plot to dissuade him as well. But no such luck. So anyways we did a 3 Weeks Trip from Pune to New Delhi, out of which 2 weeks we were on the road. We went via Rajasthan and saw the most beautiful places, Forts, Palaces, Gardens et all.

Be sure you plan well in advance for a road trip even if it’s a short one. Make an extensive list and keep jotting down points as and when you remember.

Must Haves For the Baby:

Car Seat

We put our baby in one the day he was born, thus making it easier for him to stay in  it during our long driving hours. The baby is secure and comfortable and you can drive with ease not worrying about the baby bumping their heads and rolling off from your lap etc.



Baby Bag

To carry all those essentials that you may require any time. A medium size baby bag with lots of compartments is ideal to store lots of things and yet can be pulled out when you need them.


I found this extremely useful since my baby was on top feed post the third month. Each evening I would just wash and put the bottles to sterilize and we would just keep using the clean bottles as and when we required. I also carried a Bottle Warmer. Mother care has excellent options for both.


We picked a very chic looking one from lifestyle. Came in really handy as it could be folded easily and took minimal space. We would strap our son in it and take off to view the different heritage sites. I wish I could have also had a stroller for myself.




They are never enough. Carry as much as you can and keep replenishing whenever possible.

Bathing Chair

It’s extremely compact and was so useful and bathing made much easier.


We took a lot of his favourite rattles and musical toys as they were his favourite. We clasped them onto the door handle and he was kept occupied on his own while we drove long stretches.




Since he was simple home cooked food made by me and I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed at every kitchen where we halted, I carried a lot of his jar foods from Heinz and Gerber. He also used to love fruit flavoured cerelac so I carried those too. Of course as most kids are more interested on what’s on our plate, similarly my little one was constantly drooling over my plate. I used to give him little tit bits here and there.

Medical Kit

Although younger babies don’t fall sick as often due to mother’s milk, yet when you are on the road and away from your paediatrician be prepared for any eventuality.



The most fun and joyful event that happened to us while we were on the road trip was my son broke two of his front teeth. We had halted at Udaipur and I had  taken him for a bath. As was my habit since day I was massaging his gums, suddenly I shrieked and my son started giggling. He had bitten my finger with his new found teeth. Of course that also meant the end of breast feeding for me. lolllzz..

How many of you have done road trips with toddlers? Do share your experiences about your favourite moments!

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