9 Summer Clothing Tips For Babies

Summer Clothing Tips For Babies


Is your baby born in summer? Then you may probably not have to worry about sweaters or be indoors for longer duration. But, even summer season can make you face some challenges like dressing your baby,, as there are various options available for baby clothing and you have to choose among them to keep your baby really comfortable. Thus, we have listed few tips to dress your baby for summer.

Use Of Layers:

Always remember to dress a baby especially for summer in the most comfortable way. Layer is very important, because the baby travels from the harsh outside heat and indoor ac, which creates an unpleasant temperature changes in the body. If you are dressing the baby for harsh warm weather, start by just a basic 1 piece body suit. Mix and match with shorts, shirt, cardigan or even jacket and a comfy pair of socks as per the baby’s outfit. These have to be comfortable and as per the material that can minimize the temperature change. If you are staying indoors for more time, add some extra layers of the clothing and take them off when leaving for outdoors. You may get a similar dress here.



Protection From The Sun:

Babies tend to have very sensitive skin which gets burned even in small amount of hot whether walk. Keep in mind to apply Baby sunscreen on the skin of your little ones, even if you are outdoors for few minutes. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on your baby’s neck, arms, face, scalp, legs and ears. Use a bonnet or even a hat to provide protection to the baby’s skin from the sun to keep them cool. Get one here.

Choose Fabric Colour And Type Wisely:

Always keep in mind to dress your little one with clothes that are of lightweight fabrics and even light colours during the summer. You can choose from Cotton undershirts, cotton socks and light coloured hats that are breathable to match the baby’s outfit and keep them cool. Also choose colours like white, peach, pink and light blue to reflect light and also avoid any overheating to the little baby.



Use Natural Fibers:

Cotton is known as a natural fiber which can allow the air to move from the fabric and even absorb moisture. This helps your baby to feel even more comfortable during the summer. You can also use baby clothes of linen and washable silk material that helps to breathe comfortably for the babies. Merino wool is also light weight which is makes it easy to breathe and even comfortable during the season like summer.

Clothing Styles:

Clothing styles for summer months must be very simple for your little ones. You can choose from many styles, designs and even colours to suit different occasion like casual or dressy. T-shirts, shorts and pretty sundress always work the best. On the cool summer evenings you can dress your baby in just a one-piece footed outfit that has long sleeves. Make sure that it is not overheating for your baby.



Clothing Accessories:

You have to protect your baby from the harmful summer. Thus, you can try using a bonnet or hat to keep sun at bay from their sensitive ears and even face. You can also cover your baby’s skin with lightweight blankets, hats and socks to provide protection from sun, insects, and, sun rays.

Summer Nights:

During summer nights choose from short-sleeved 1 piece undershirt, socks to keep the feet warm. You can also place a lightweight blanket on your baby, if required at night. Buy one here.



Don’t Overdress:

Avoid overdressing your baby. Just a single layer of clothing is enough to maintain the temperature during summer.

Don’t Get Tempted To Deign:

Sometimes we may make a mistake to choose beautiful and cutest baby clothes with lovely colours that aren’t as per baby’s comfort. Thus, it is essential to select as per the comfort of your little ones.

How do you dress your baby for this summer season?

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