9 Things To Consider When Buying A Baby Stroller

In India strollers, baby carriers or baby prams do not sell like that in the west. The main reason is the road system. Least facilities are made for wheels to move around easily.

But the system is not as bad as earlier. There are improvements and we do find many parents using strollers. Even then if you compare, since the demand is not too great, the quality, quantity, and options are compromised to a great extent.



If you answer these questions then it might help you out in deciding a stroller for your baby:-


How old is your baby?

Babies spend a very little time in prams. A 2 in 1 stroller or push chair suitable for all types of age is a better choice for buying.

Foldable stroller:

How well the stroller can be folded. It should become as minimal as possible when you want to collapse .

Weight of the stroller:

A light weight stroller is very easy to handle. Once folded, you may want to carry it to shift into the bus or car. It should not be a thing to bother much.


A stroller cannot go plain with just seat and wheels. Babies move around with all their belonging A to Z. There needs to be some pouches, holders, and stuffs that aid in carrying baby stuffs too.

Wheel strength:

This is very specific if you consider the condition in India. Full time usage of stroller is not possible on road especially in India. Yet, for the environment here, wheel strength is priority.


There has to be a hood for the stroller. This should cover the baby from sun, and a cover to protect from rains.

Take a test ride:

Place your baby and look how comfortable the feels. The ease to push the stroller, the weight it can take, the strength of the frame, consider every thing. Take a short ride with the stroller you have finalised.

Stick to your budget:

There a variety of strollers that comes from different brands and different comfort level. The prices vary too. Look for what is needed and then decide.


Check for all safety systems. How well the wheels lock when is stand/halt position. This is very important.

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Do you use a stroller for your baby?

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