9 Things To Keep Away From Children


9 Things To Keep Away From Children

Once babies get on their feet they require extra attention. Safety becomes the priority. You cannot just leave them without any watch, especially toddlers who have the curiosity in eating and touching everything at their reach. There are so many things under your roof which should be kept away from your child’s reach.

Hot Water, Hot Oil, Hot Dishes:

Anything cooked hot should be out of reach of your child. You might be busy cooking in your kitchen and your child suddenly walks in playing around. The water and ghee at its boiling point will cause serious problem which may lead to life risks. Not only water and oil, anything that is just cooked and is hot is harmful.

Oil (diesel, petrol, cooking oil, vinegar):

The bottles filled with diesel, petrol, cooking oil, vinegar should be kept away from your toddler. As your child is able to open the cap of the bottles there are chances of consuming it. These will make your child unconscious and also has life risks.


Tablets and syrups, either related to young ones or elders should be out of toddlers reach. Usually there are cases of kids eating tablets assuming them as toffees. This can be hazardous and may lead to failure of internal systems.



Sharp edged Things: (pins, blades, knifes, scissors, razor, hair clips, and pen)

These sharp edged things if accidentally pricked to eyes may lead to permanent eye sight problems. Also when pricked to nostrils and tongue creates damages to these sense organs. Or if swallowed may cause internal wounds and internal bleeding.

Tiny Things: (beads, coins, nut and bolts, peanuts, lentils)

The tiny toys and anything similar to them lying around when swallowed or inserted into nostrils blocks the throat and respiration making your child difficult to breathe.

Glass Items: (bangles, Tube lights, Bulb, Bottles)

Glass Items are most dangerous. In case the glass ware breaks and pricks the body, it can cause serious injury. Glass particles can cause organ failure.

Electric Items: (Electric wires, Table fans, Iron Box , Blenders, Grinders)

All the electronic related items can give a electric shock to your child. Also when the iron box is hot, there are chances of burns. In case of table fans your child might insert fingers into it which leads to major breakage.

Chemicals : ( Pesticides , naphthalene balls, detergents, shampoos )

These chemical products are found usually in all houses. We use few pesticide sprays for getting rid of insects and cockroaches. These products are highly poisonous. So make sure they are kept away from your child.

Open bathrooms, Open balcony:

Toddlers usually have the tendency of playing in water. Buckets filled with water can cause suffocation. Open balconies are equally attractive and can cause accidents.



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